Best Shell Holders for Shotgun Shells

Aside from looking plan awesome, shotgun shell holders serve a purpose for holding extra shells for your shotgun. Whether you prefer shells velcroed to the stock, or hung around your neck like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’ll find something to match your personal preference. Learn more about the best shell holders in this article.

best shell holders

Here are our top picks for the best shotgun shell holders below.

Fire Force Butt Stock Shotgun Shell Holder

Fire Force has delivered consumers yet another excellent product with the Butt Stock Shotgun Shell Holder, a simple yet effective design that enables you to hold up to 6 shotgun shells of 12 or 20 gauge on the back end of your firearm at a time. Coming in a wide range of options including dark black, foliage, and olive green, this shell holder is a perfect fit for hunters who are looking for a product that’s both handy and stylish. Proudly made in the USA, this product features military nylon webbing that gives it an admirable quality you can count on in the field.

It’s hard to beat the immense bargain one is getting with this shell holder, which features a Hook & Loop fastener to make affixing it to your favorite firearm as simple and easy as possible. Left-handed shooters don’t have to fret, either; this product is entirely ambidextrous, and can be nearly adjusted to meet the demanding specifications of any shotgun butt.

Kosibate HOT 25 Round Shotgun Shotshell Reload Holder Molle Pouch

This immense product was explicitly designed for gunowners who want to carry around as much ammo on their person as is physically possible.

The impressive Kosibate pouch has adjustable Velcro flaps so that it easily configures onto the outfit of any shooter and can hold up to a whopping 25 shotgun shells to make sure that your shooting goes on uninterrupted for as long as possible. Priced well, this product is immensely economical given its hefty size and impressive carrying capacity that exceeds most other options available on the market.

4 UTX snaps and a pull tab make this option immensely easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about metal buttons that either won’t clamp down at all or get stuck when they do.

The double-layered shell design gives you quick access to a truly immense sum of shells, helping you send a record-amount of lead downrange in seemingly no time at all. With 4-loops per row, this pouch is 17 inches long when opened and just 8.5×4.5×2 inches when closed. The lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed pledge also helps convince gunowners that this is a purchase which will serve them for years or even decades to come.

Capable of being attached to both tactical gun belts and also regular belts, this product is also compatible with MOLLE systems that many gunowners will already be familiar with.

Safety Solution Stealth Black 56 Round Shotgun Shoulder Bandolier

Some gunowners have had enough of shell holders that affix directly to the gun and pouches that clip on at the hip – some shooters simply need a hefty bandolier to sate their immense appetite for ammo.

Enter the Safety Solution Stealthy Black Shotgun Shoulder Bandolier, which enables you to tote an astonishing 56 rounds at once without having to worry about restocking. The gun sling strap comes in a sleek black style that’s tactical looking and made of a rugged chemical fiber that won’t tear easily.

This is one of the most economical options on the market when considering its huge capacity. Light, easy to carry and slip on, and capable of fitting 10, 12, and 20 gauge shells, this shoulder bandolier is effectively a dream come true for any real shotgun owner who wants to drastically up their carrying capacity.

The stiff material wears close to the body without chaffing, and can be counted on to guarantee that your shells don’t slip out and dangerously fall to the floor when they shouldn’t be going anywhere. Not only does this product feature neat, tight stitching, but customers can also get a discount deal on large orders that feature multiple bandoliers.

Shell Holders For Those Who Need It

Forget your ammo box, carrying around a shell holder is much easier and cooler. If you’re in need of extra ammo, there are durable options out there that can make your experience more enjoyable.