The Best Springfield M1A Scope Mount: What Are Your Best Options?

Springfield M1A rifles are some very sweet shooters and throwbacks to the old Springfield M14. I love everything about the M1A from its looks to its accuracy and fun factor to shoot. So what do you do when you want to put a scope on these rifles? You’ve got to find a reliable scope mount that won’t shake loose under fire.

In this post, we’re going to show you a few of the best Springfield Armory M1A scope mounts on the market.

Let’s jump right into our reviews.

Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount

If you are looking for a rugged and reliable scope mount that will fit your M1A perfectly, go to the source. This scope mount checks all the boxes. It’s tough as nails, and it’s built by Springfield Armory.

The scope mount comes with all required hardware and mounting instructions. Designed by the company as a direct fit kit, there should be no issues getting it installed.

It’s the perfect size to mount sighting systems that will co-witness with your existing irons, or flip them down and pop a regular scope on it. It’s not the cheapest mount, but you can get the same fit and finish that you would expect from an OEM product. That said, good instructions don’t mean everything.

If you want it to fit perfectly, then you will need the proper skill-set for very basic gunsmithing. You can mount it without, but if you want a precision install, then use a professional toolkit. We’re talking some very minor filing here. Or drop it off at the gunsmith and have them install it. Brass ejection isn’t an issue, and this will fit all M1A platforms, including the SOCOM 16.

For the money, it’s a great match for your M1A rifle.

UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount

This mount comes in at a bargain, and it it cut mil-spec for the M14 or M1A. The picatinny rail is a full length, 6 inch rail mount that will adapt well to any kind of sighting system, and place it right where you want it.

No intermediate gap like other models. The whole piece is machined from aircraft aluminum, and covered in a black matte finish. The slide plate comes with a locking point, horizontal bottom guide, and adjustable side screw, giving you a rock solid mounting choice without needing a gunsmith.

As with the Springfield model, I still recommend taking it to a professional, or tuning it to fit the rifle perfectly. The better the fit, the better the overall experience is going to be.

UTG sometimes gets a bad rap on the internet but we’ve found this brand to provide some unbelievable value for your money and we’ve featured their products in many of our reviews.

New Generation Locking Deluxe M14/M1a Scope Mount

Good mix of quality and cost. It’s a 4th gen mil-spec scope mount for your M1A that won’t kill your bank account, but is made well enough to do it’s job well.

The rail groove is hollowed out for easy sighting of the post, even when you have a scope mounted. Installation is simple, but again, a little gunsmithing goes a long way. The product is constructed durably, but there have been a handful of problems with the mount fitting at a slight cant. Expect to do a little grinding if you get a lemon, and make sure that your rifle receiver is a mil-spec M1A, which will solve most of the problems listed in the Amazon reviews.

Springfield M1A M14 Rifle Scope Mount by Precision Metalworks

Another precision product for the M1A or M14. This scope mount is a bit more utilitarian, and not quite as fancy as the others. The rail is a short solution, probably designed for an ACOG or similar small-footprint sighting system, but by getting the right rings, this could be adapted for any kind of scope.

The cut on this is precise, and it’ll hold most scopes pretty well, even without an integrated rail. The design is simple, and this is not a fancy solution, but against a wood stock, the straight cut edges have a simple appeal all their own. It’s priced right and works very well.