The Best Tactical Belts

A good tactical belt will do more than just hold your pants up. Whether you’re in need of a belt for IWB carry or a rugged tactical belt for field-duty, we’ve got you covered in this post.

We found the toughest, most rugged and best tactical belts on the market today as reviewed by our experts.

best tactical belt

Let’s get started with our list of the best tactical belts below.

Nylon Belt Outdoor Men’s Military Tactical Belt

43 inches of solid nylon, recommended for waistlines less than 38 inches, and three available colors. The webbing is 1.6 inches wide and comes with a hard plastic buckle that will pass through security checkpoints without setting them off. At least, it will until you load it with magazine pouches and a side-arm.

This is a pretty standard belt that fills whatever specific roll you are after, and it will hold your pants up just fine. Black goes with anything, but if it is going to stay fixed on your BDUs you can also get it in olive drab or tan. If you are using it for your full-time belt, both in and out of the field, it’s low profile and shouldn’t attract any unwanted attention.

The best part? It’s pretty inexpensive and you’re getting a great belt for your money.

Condor Tactical Belt

A little more expensive, and keep in mind that when I say that I mean very little. This belt is designed specifically for carrying your weapon, and comes with 2 magazine pouches.

The buckle is a snap-fit design similar to what is on your backpack. The belt itself is 2 inches wide and will fit anyone with up to a 44 inch waist.

Because of the size, it isn’t going to fit well with your jeans, but on your tactical gear, it will work lovely to keep any weight you add from interfering with the fit and performance.

Available in four different colors. This belt distributes weight well and will keep you comfortable, even if you are loaded up with 100 rounds of ammo in magazine pouches on it.

Freehawk Survival Tactical Belt

This belt from Freehawk is super sturdy, constructed of 800D nylon webbing, and perfect for both shooting activities and general everyday wear.

A V-ring attachment gives you a perfect attach point for your carabiners instead of clipping them to your belt loop and destroying your jeans. 52 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, if you plan on wearing it daily, then make sure that it will fit your pants. It shouldn’t be a problem for most of us, and it is wide enough to provide some comfort and support while still fitting your regular clothes.

The buckle and triangle attachment are constructed from metal, and are supposedly rated for rappelling, though I wouldn’t recommend it without some kind of added back support. Of course, if you were going to use the belt for that purpose, a sturdy carabiner would be the better option, just know that the triangle is pretty tough; it isn’t cheap aluminum.

This tactical belt comes highly recommended and is a great buy.

Anseahawk Tactical Heavy Duty Waist Belt

If you are looking for super heavy duty, the strongest materials, and ease of use for 1.5 inch belt loops, then Anseahawk is a company that you need to look at.

The belt material is 1000D nylon webbing, and it has a layer of molle webbing added over the top. It doesn’t get much stronger or more functional than that when it comes to packing accessories.

The buckle is a metal Cobra buckle, giving you an extremely high load bearing with a quick release. This belt is rock solid and rugged, and the price really isn’t too bad for a product of this quality. Whatever you do, don’t loan it to a friend, or you will never see it again. It’s a very well made belt at an incredible price right now.