The Best Tactical Tomahawks That Don’t Suck

So you want to get into tomahawk fighting, you want a cool new toy or you’re planning on winning the next Hunger Games.

One thing is for sure, tactical tomahawks are some really cool weapons. The best part? There are loads of options out on the market today if you’re in the market for a new tactical tomahawk.

best tactical tomahawk

The list below is a culmination of research and reviews of the best tactical tomahawks available today.

We asked our experts to find the best tomahawks and they delivered. Let’s get started below.

SOG Tactical Tomahawk F01TN-CP – Hardcased Black Axe Head

When it comes to a modern tomahawk for tactical purposes, or any tactical edged weapon, SOG is a household name.

This tomahawk from SOG features a 2.75 inch stainless steel ax head. The handle is made from ballistic polymer, reinforced with fiberglass, and measures 15.75 inches long, giving you plenty of leverage for chopping and cleaving.

The tomahawk weighs 24 ounces, which may be a tad on the heavy side for some, or just enough for others, depending on the intended use and how far you need to carry it.

The sides of the blade are textured to facilitate hammering, while still having a tough spike on the back end.

This is one of the best tactical tomahawks for the money – under $30 right now on Amazon.

SOG FastHawk Tomahawk

If you are looking for SOG quality and the same functionality as the F01 in a smaller package, the F06 model makes for a more handy backpacking tomahawk. The blade is still 2 inches wide, which is plenty for splitting seasoned firewood into blocks for the tiny wood stove you might be carrying.

The blade is constructed from 420 stainless to prevent rusting, and much of the head is otherwise identical to its big brother. The smaller profile and shorter handle give it a weight of 19 ounces, saving you almost a third of a pound in your pack while delivering great functionality.

This is a good all-around small axe for the bug-out bag, or for enjoying the outdoors. The price isn’t too bad either.

Officially Licensed USMC Elite Tactical Bruiser Survival Tomahawk

Stuffing a survival kit in the buttstock of a knife or axe typically isn’t the best idea in the world. On a bowie knife, doing so can reduce the tang to and unusable length, but it works okay on an axe with a longer handle. This survival tomahawk is pretty heavy, much more than the SOG models at almost 3 pounds.

Some call it more axe than tomahawk, implying that it performs better in the woods for chopping than it would as a self-defense implement.

The overall length is about 15 inches, which makes it easy enough to stuff in a pack, if you don’t mind the extra weight. The “survival kit” comes with a couple matches, a striker, a fishing hook and line, and a bandage, all packed in a little tube.

The compass, like any other tiny compass, isn’t much good for anything but general direction, so if the sun is shining, you probably won’t use it. If you need a good survival compass, you should check out this post we wrote a while back.

On a good note, the kit can be repacked to your liking and it does make a good axe for chopping, due to the extra weight. If you like that, make sure to check out the lowest price on Amazon right now.

Kershaw 1073X Siege Tomahawk Knife

I really like this blade from Kershaw. It’s a bit on the heavy side, at just over two pounds, but it’s built like a tank. The full tang construction ends with a nail-puller-slash-pry-bar at the butt.

The whole axe is constructed from high-grade 3Cr13 steel and coated in black-oxide. The scales are made from glass-filled nylon, which I would personally wrap with black paracord, but that’s me.

The scales are textured and should provide you with some limited use without causing blisters, but I wouldn’t trust that for more than very small jobs. Gloves are recommended.

The price is right, the overall length is a very comfy 16 inches, with a nice big 4” cutting blade. This is one tomahawk that wants to be used, and balances quite nicely despite the somewhat bulky size.