Best Turkey Calls

The perfect turkey call technique is an acquired skill. Never fear, a high-quality turkey call can make it easier for you to recreate the best sounds that’ll get those turkeys running toward the Thanksgiving dinner table. Learn more about these best turkey calls in this article.

best turkey calls

Primos Hunting Hook Turkey Mouth Call (Pack of 2)

For hunters who want a reliable option that’s nonetheless affordable and long-lasting, Primos’ Hunting Hook Turkey Mouth Call comes in a pack of 2, making it a more economical choice than many alternatives. This turkey call product uses little air and is fantastic for producing the clucks and purrs you need to lure your prey out into the open.

The custom design was only arrived upon after over 100 years of combined experience could find a level of craftsmanship that its creators were satisfied with. The real, unique pitches that this product achieve make it absolutely irresistible to animals in the wild, making it one of the most popular options on the market for good reasons.

This hook hunter produces authentic-sounding calls by tapping into the power of premium gauge reeds, which produce an unparalleled sound excellent for hunting. With this turkey caller being precision-cut by hand, customers understand that they’re paying for real craftsmanship whenever they pick up one of these hook hunters.

Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

The Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call was made by turkey hunters for turkey hunters, and its handsome mahogany and walnut construction helps make it a lovely aesthetic piece as well as a useful tool for outdoorsmen everywhere. This incredibly easy to use box call produces consistent results, helping you find and attract the animals you’re searching for in the great outdoors.

The solid straight-grain wood of this turkey caller churns out hyper-realistic hen yelps that just can’t be matched by alternative products that rely on cheap materials and shoddy construction practices.

This option is popular with those who want a hand-made product constructed in the USA with integrity. Tuned to perfection and available to rookies and veterans alike for more than 75 years, Lynch’s Fool Proof Turkey Box Call will be serving hunters well for decades to come.

Primos Jackpot Turkey Pot Call

Another fine option from Primos is the Jackpot Turkey Pot Call, which comes included with a handy conditioning kit that guarantees your product won’t degrade with time after you’ve made your purchase. The same quality materials that go into every Primos product help ensure that this Turkey Pot Call fits the mold for any customer who comes calling in need of help, with the customer striker giving this product an added oomph that others can’t beat.

The South American hardwood pot gives this product an exotic and aesthetic appeal that’s hard to match with many handheld callers. The Pennsylvanian slate surface produces authentic turkey sounds but also gives the product rugged durability that’s capable of churning out booming yelps and subtle purrs alike. This product is a real steal, especially since the accompanying conditioning kit will help any hunter keep their gear in excellent condition for years to come.

Primos Hunting PS222 THE GOBBLER Turkey Shaker

A tried and tested design that will be familiar to veteran hunters looking for a classic turkey call, The Gobbler Turkey Shaker from Primos is incredibly loud and couldn’t be easier to use. Simple to understand and immensely effective, this option is priced at an incredibly affordable price and has commanded a considerable fanbase for itself thanks to its reliability and defining simplicity.

The patented silencer cap makes this tool brutally effective when you need it to be loud but hesitant to make unseemly noises when you need to be hushed.

With one-handed operations for jake gobbling and two-handed operations for adult gobbling, could not be designed to be simpler nor effective, so stoic is its current build. Hunters who rely on this classic turkey call will be getting their money’s worth.

Turkey Calls For Dummies

Pot calls vs mouth calls, what’s the difference? With a pot call, you’re using a drum to create sounds that lure game. Mouth calls are your standard versatile calls, which are most popular for turkey calling. With a little practice and good aim, you’ll be ready for your turkey huti