Best Under Bed Gun Safes

For those who like to keep their firearms close by in case of an emergency, storage can be tricky.

best under the bed gun safe

Not only do you want your guns to be kept safe and protected, but you also need them to be highly accessible.

Finding this combination can be tricky.

Frequently a gun safe is positioned in a closet or a wall, making it excellent for keeping your gun safely tucked away from children or thieves, but not necessarily making them easy to get to when time is of the essence.

This is why many people are opting for a gun safe that can be kept under the bed. Not only is the location perfect, keeping the safe out of sight, it is just an arm’s reach away to be armed and ready if a home defense situation ever arises.

Knowing how challenging it can be to find the best safe for you, we’ve made a great list of our top picks that will fit perfectly under your bed to keep your guns in tip-top shape while providing peace of mind.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

The Stealth Defense Vault is perfect for those who have both a rifle or shotgun and a few handguns that they would like to keep nearby.

best under the bed gun safes

The Defense is made of 14-gauge steel and has a 5-point locking bar that needs to be slid open in order to pull out the area where your firearms will be stored.

To further increase the level of security, the Defense Vault also comes prepped and ready to be mounted to the floor, guaranteeing no thieves can wander off with your weapons in the night.

This safe uses Stealth’s well known, and California Department of Justice approved, silent electronic lock and just as it does in their high-security gun safes.

A single touch activates backlighting on the combination keypad so you can easily access the safe without needing to turn on a lamp or overhead light, which is a fantastic and unique feature not often seen on the market.

The safe is long and wide enough you could likely fit three rifles but is not terribly tall, only requiring a minimum 6” of clearance under the bed.

The only potential issue we can find with this safe is that there is no master key, so if the electronic lock ever fails, you may have some problems opening the safe without an override code from customer service.

Monster Vault Under Bed Safe T1261

The Monster Vault is one of the most expensive under bed safes on our list, but its performance makes it well worth the cost.

best gun safe under the bed

The monster lives up to its name with its weighty 140lbs of double-walled cold rolled steel, so we recommend having some help positioning the safe to be easily reachable since maneuvering it alone could be an issue.

The Monster is also built to provide ample storage space so that you can fit handguns, rifles, ammo, and accessories inside without issue.

The safe can be opened with a programmable digital lock that uses a 3-8 digit code, but you can also open the safe via the master key.

The Monster Vault comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting, but for those situations where mounting is not an option, you can also request a U-bolt from the manufacturer.

The keypad offers a silent option, and there is a single steel bar underneath the door as well. Overall, this safe is excellent, but one thing to note is that the override lock is a tubular cylinder style, which can be picked somewhat easily by a seasoned thief in possession of a lock picking kit.

Titan Pistol Vault

The Titan Pistol Vault is small but created to give you access to your firearms extremely quickly in case you ever need to defend yourself or your home.

Built with 14-gauge hardened steel, the case itself is rugged and sturdy.

The safe is opened with a push-button combination lock that takes only seconds to enter, and the mechanical lock means you can avoid needing to rely on batteries to get in or out of your safe.

To further increase the speed in which you can retrieve your weapon, the holster is spring-loaded and will have your firearm in your hand as soon as the door is opened, but is also positioned to make sure your finger will not be on the trigger when removing it.

The Titan also comes with two mounting brackets so you can anchor it down, which due to its small size and high level of transportability, is recommended. The only possible downside of the Titan is its small size, as it can only hold guns 10” or smaller.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

The SnapSafe is not only secure but also extremely spacious, making it a breeze to fit multiple weapons as well as any small valuables underneath your bed.

The SnapSafe has pry-resistant 14-gauge steel construction and can be easily mounted to the floor, but also comes with a very sturdy 3-foot long cable for either added protection or use in situations where a proper mounting is not a possibility.

The electronic lock is accessed with a 3-8 digit code, but if necessary, you can also open the safe with a backup key.

The price point is also reasonable when compared to many of its quality counterparts. The only frustration we found was that the placement of the backup lock is not ideal.

Since it is located behind a metal plate, you need to remove the plate to expose the keyhole, which takes time.

If the electronic lock fails to open in a situation where time is of the essence, needing to take extra time to reach the key override may not be an option.

We also found that while the safe itself has solid construction, the slides for the interior drawer are on the weaker side, so you will want to take care not to break or bend them when pulling the drawer out.