Crimson Trace Pistol Grip Laser Sights – Why You Want One

Pistol grip lasers are a great idea for several reasons. In this article, I’ll go over why having a pistol grip laser on your Glock, Beretta, Sig or other handgun will aid you in a self-defense situation. We’ll also go over our favorite choice for a quality laser sight located on your handgun’s grip.

Our Top Pick for Pistol Grip Laser of 2016 – Crimson Trace

Our favorite pistol grip laser sight for 2016 is from the Crimson Trace line of grip lasers. If you’ve been following along with the site, we recently reviewed some of our top laser sights for Glocks and the Crimson Trace pistol grip laser ran away with the top prize.

Check out the reviews on the Crimson Trace laser grips for Glock, S&W and M&P by clicking here.

Why Do We Love the Crimson Trace Laser So Much?

It’s simple. Great ergonomics, doesn’t feel awkward when gripping the pistol, easy to install and the laser activates when you grip the gun. We think it’s a lot better than having to reach over with your finger to flick on a laser and it’s definitely optimal for CCW.

In a life or death defensive handgun situation, I definitely don’t want to be fingering a switch when seconds matter!

Now some might not like the price so much, but isn’t your life worth it? Crimson Trace is the #1 manufacturer in the industry for a reason. Police and military personnel use their products and trust them with their lives. Don’t you think you should too?

How Pistol Grip Laser Sights Work

Now this is pretty cool. First of all, the actual laser shoots out of the side of the grip towards your target. When you hold the handgun, as in you have a firm grip on it like you are about to shoot, the laser automatically turns on.

If you holster your gun or put the gun down, the laser turns off automatically. This is a huge benefit over other lasers. Admittedly, I’ve burned through some batteries after forgetting to turn off the laser on some of my guns or taking your gun to the range and forgetting to switch the laser off.

All Crimson Trace laser sights come factory sighted in at 50 feet, so you don’t have to worry about sighting it in right off the bat.

If you find that your grip laser sight is a little off, you have full control over windage and elevation adjustments to your preference.

Additionally, most of these pistol grip lasers have master power switches that will allow you to keep the laser sight on your pistol and have the laser turned off for when you’re practicing with the iron sights.

Get Your Sights on Target Fast

One of the many benefits of a grip laser sight for your pistol is fast target acquisition. When sighted in properly, you can get on target seconds faster than having to line up the iron sights on your handgun. It’s really a clear tactical advantage for those who carry a handgun for personal protection.

No Need to Shop for a New Holster

Another huge plus of getting a pistol grip mounted laser is that you don’t need to shop for a bigger holster like with other laser gun sights.

The product from Crimson Trace is nice and low profile and hasn’t bothered me while using my normal IWB (inside the waistband) holster.

Room for a Light

If you are using a laser grip sight on your handgun for home defense, then you won’t necessarily need a holster. Since the laser is on the grip end of your gun, you now have the rail free for mounting a nice flashlight.

This may not seem like a big deal for some but the light can definitely help in a home defense situation.

Time for a Pistol Grip Laser?

We think pistol grip lasers are here to stay and they are definitely very useful. One of the most important things in a personal or home defense situation is to keep your composure and have the confidence in your weapon to perform. We think Crimson Trace grip lasers for pistols are just the ticket.