EOTech vs Aimpoint: A Head-to-Head Comparison of the Two Optics Giants

Civilians, Military and Law Enforcement alike rely on the most sophisticated weapons sight tools available (We can all agree how much easier they make life for us gun lovers). We have two behemoths in the industry of which are EOTech and Aimpoint. These two companies are competing for a high demand market and each has something unique to offer. There will hopefully be a better understanding of the two companies after this optics breakdown.

aimpoint vs eotech

EOTech – A leader in holographic sights, scopes, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment produces some of the finest products in the weapons accessories market.

Aimpoint – Specializing in red dot sight systems, they have a track record of reliability and seem to be preferred by many professionals.

Comparing the Benefits of the LED Red Dot to the Holographic Sight

Aimpoint specializes in optic red dot sights, while EOTech offers a wider range of products. EOTech has innovated and designed the most modern weapons sight systems with its more complex holographic sights. The 1 MOA reticles (Finest available for an optic) are created by an internal laser that reflects back to the shooter. The Aimpoint red dots are created by an LED that reflects off of the tinted glass to display the point of aim.

When selecting an optics system, it is important to recognize what it will be used for.  Are you looking to be “tacti-cool” with no military or LEO experience, or do you want a service rifle that is on par with what you were issued?  Will this be your personal weapon you employ “on the job”?  Is it to be the auxiliary work gun?  Or are you looking to glitz up your bargain basement rifle? If you are legitimately mounting sights “for a work not play” rifle, then the choice comes down to looking at either EOTech or Aimpoint.

Brand debates often have more to do with brand loyalty than anything else, but there are substantial differences between the Aimpoint and the EOTech that bear mentioning because of their popularity.  This extends to the countless knock off copies shooters are flooded with at shows, but buyers beware: popularity of style is not the same as quality of purpose.

For the purposes of this we will look at the basic EOTech series being an open type reflex sight with a window upon which reticles are reflected and with Aimpoint which is a tube type red dot system.  For the shooters who accept that their optics will run as much as, if not more than, their rifle in terms of cost, these two companies are the cutting edge of reputable service optics.

What Do Aimpoint and EOTech Optics Have in Common?

First the easy part, the similarities: they are hella-expensive, especially for shooters just starting out with the entry level M&P15 or AR556.  This is REASON ONE why they are copied and there are mass-produced knockoffs are available everywhere.  But unlike the knockoffs, they both proven to be reliable under extreme circumstances, which is REASON TWO that they have so many lookalikes floating around.  The military employs both sight systems and lately, because the military uses them a lot, we have the benefit of their R&D and field data.  One other similarity: both companies have started making models that accept the more familiar AA and AAA batteries along side the more exotic 2L76 or CR123 batteries.  So, some models may run off your TV remote batteries in a pinch.

Aimpoint can be harder to use with iron sights because the tube obstructs the field of view.  However, that shade producing housing allows the energy sipping light emitting diode, LED, to be easily visible to the operator.  This means a much longer battery life.  Further, the construction is far more rugged and waterproof: it can take a bit of a beating.  What this means is that Aimpoint can fetch a notably higher price tag.

A Comparison Between Aimpoint and EoTech

Adopting the guy behind the counter persona for just a moment, the differential diagnostic questions would flow something like this:  if you use your rifle under controlled circumstances, won’t be running through the woods, caught in the rain, jumping off buildings, you may not need the Aimpoint.  SWAT, tactical urban applications and the like will be well served by the EOTech’s well lit reticles and wide viewscreen that doesn’t obstruct the field of vision down range.  So, if you are likely only going to be using the rifle for a short period of time under less than extreme circumstances, EOTech DOES make a good product that serves remarkably well.


Both are useful for different situations and this widely depends on the user’s purpose. Aimpoint red dots are praised for their long battery life, resistance to ranges of temperature, simplicity and reliability. They are best served to “slap and go” type scenarios when you don’t have time to worry about adjustments, maintenance etc. The drawbacks are said to be a bigger potential for parallax error and decreased target acquisition due to a smaller field of view.

Aimpoint comes through with its durability and longer battery life: if you are going to be in the field for who knows how long, may be caught outside in the elements, may be running and falling, or you simply just treat your equipment like the military paid for it, then Aimpoint is probably a better choice for you.  The only pill to swallow is the price.  But Aimpoint was made to be with you in the thick of it.  They believe the price is worth it.  Do you?


EOTech’s holographic sights are loved for their incredible reticle display with its tiny dot system providing pinpoint accuracy. The near resistance to parallax error also provides a better field of view. A 65 MOA ring encompasses the fine dot on the holographic sight giving the shooter a ring of reference for a tight shot. The drawbacks are the battery life, weight in general, functioning issues in certain temperatures and the fact that they have had some issues with defective products in the past.

EOTech’s open, heads up display like system is easier to see through, has more reticle options that are clearer to see, and offer the widest window with a slim frame for easier use of your backup irons sights when the battery fails.  The laser provides a clear reticle and sight picture easily visible in daylight despite not being in a closed tube, but that does use more juice.  Consequently, battery life is notably limited.  It also bears acknowledging the elephant in the room: the recent class action suit against EOTech for misleading customers on how little the zero shifts in low temperatures.  All sights lose zero in dramatic temperature shifts, but EOTech has admitted their mistake and is making amends.

Which Optics System Should You Equip Your Firearm With?

If you like a “Throw and go” type optic with a proven, credible company that continues to equip civilian and professionals with quality and reliable products, then you probably want to go with the Aimpoint. Or if you want a great optic that has an incredible reticle and point of view for fast target acquisition at close to mid ranges, and don’t mind the decreased battery life, then you would probably like the EOTech.

User reviews are mixed and that is because different people will have different opinions and some people will accept certain drawbacks in exchange for a preferable feature in a product.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Hmm … That is a really hard question to answer. We can only explain the pros and cons of each and let you (The person with a preference) decide on which features you would ultimately be ok with. After all, you are the one that has to spend time with your weapon and optics system! So choose based on your budget and mission. Don’t be afraid to conduct your own research and that way you can get a better idea of what people are saying about the two companies and the systems developed by them. We hope you make a good choice!