Our Review of the EOTech XPS2 Weapons Sight System

Weapons sight systems have been around for quite some time and they have evolved so much since their introduction to the firearm accessories market. Utilized by any and every one they are an extremely useful accessory for your firearm. EOTtech is a leader in the production and innovation of tactical devices and they offer many attractive options for every need. Though, one model stands out from the rest when it comes to holographic weapons sights, and that is the (Drumroll please)…. EOTech XPS2. Let’s get into the details of the slim and sleek sight which includes: the features and differences it has from other sights and why you’d need one.

eotech xps2 review

Why an EOTech XPS2?

This extremely ergonomic weapons sight is the smallest and lightest of its holographic counterparts (without night vision integration). Any device that takes up so little room and provides outstanding performance sounds extremely attractive to any potential buyer (Yes the compactness is worth the investment)! We are all looking for that accessory to get the job done without it getting in our way or weighing us down and the EOTech XPS2 was made to serve that purpose. This sight is ideal for many situations not only because of its wide Field of View (FOV) in close quarter combat situations but also its 1 MOA reticle.

Its lightweight construction means it easier to carry and tote around on your firearm. Yes, we can also acknowledge the superficial side of things and see that you will probably receive compliments and also jealousy toward the extremely visually appealing XPS2! That is ok though, sometimes it feels great to show off your prized possessions!

The Price is Right: XPS2 Costs

If you’re looking to buy any EOTech, you pretty much might as well have $500 ready to fly out of your wallet. For the XPS2, you’re going to be paying about $600-$700 online and about a hundred dollars more than that if you’re buying at a local gun store.

However, you can save a ton of money by buying the XPS2 on Amazon right now.

How a Holographic Sight System Differs From Others

A holographic sight differs because of its potential for higher accuracy (1 MOA reticle) in certain situations and wider range for viewing your intended target, especially in close quarter situations. You can definitely optimize the use of this high quality weapons sight and gets your shots on target. The downsides to this system are the drainage of battery life due to its more complex laser operation, complaints about difficulty of use due to astigmatism and decreased function in certain temperatures. Other than that, the holographic sight is a quality tool.

Features You Can Expect With the EOTech XPS2

The dimensions are as follows L-3.8” x W-2.1” x H-2.5” (97 x 54 x 64 mm) and the compact design is among the most desirable features. The light weight (9 Oz) is expected for the small size and this makes it feel like there is barely anything there! Up to 300 meters of outstanding accuracy is plenty far, especially when on par or better than iron sights at the same distance. So as you can see, there are many great features, with plenty more little specifications.

Should You BUY the XPS2?

Eotech is a preferred name when it comes to weapon sight systems and is adapted by many, from civilians to professionals requiring an ergonomic weapons sight for their firearms. You can strap it to your compatible firearm and you’ll be ready to take on the mission ahead with awesome, fast target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy (Depends on the user of course). Not a cheap holographic sight by any means (what do you expect) because you are getting the best of the best in its category, meaning you’ll most likely only cry once!

The EOTech XPS2 has proven its worth (the rave reviews speak for themselves) with its performance, due to its top notch in quality design and construction. This little guy (XPS2 of course) is ready for whatever you need to put it through!