Finding The Best MOLLE Backpack – Our Top Picks

MOLLE (pronounced “Molly”) is the current U.S. military tactical backpack and has served our country well. MOLLE is an acronym that stands for modular lightweight load carrying equipment. Yeah, that’s a mouthful but our military loves acronyms.

best molle backpack

MOLLE tactical backpacks feature a rucksack, pouches for versatile storage and a water bladder for hydration while on the move. If you’re looking to buy a tactical backpack, MOLLE is the way to go.

In this post, we found the best MOLLE backpacks available on the market and evaluated each one. We hope you’ll check out each of our top picks and buy the MOLLE backpack that’s right for you.

Let’s get started.

Military Tactical Assault Pack by Reebow Gear

This molle backpack expands out to 34 litres of carrying capacity. It’s not huge, but it’s made with high density fabric, it’s durable, and it’s water resistant. The durability comes from the double stitching and big heavy zippers, each with a utility style cord pull.

The back area is padded, and the shoulder straps are constructed from a ventilated mesh for extra comfort. The bag is fully compressible, and there’s plenty of webbing on the back, but when fully expanded it stands out, so put the heavy stuff in the big pouch.

While it does have some webbing on the side, most expansion pockets will be fitted to the back pockets, and this can be a little unwieldy. Overall, a good pack for a good price, but probably not the best fit for everyone.

3V Gear Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack

Looking for your next expandable bug out bag? This might be it. The fabric is a weather resistant 600D nylon material that’s both sturdy and rugged.

The coil zippers are self healing and fitted with paracord pulls. Velcro ID panel is removable PVC. It even comes with a detachable deployment pack. This is a compressible pack that provides ample webbing on the sides for quick reach items, or heavier containers that you don’t want to bury in the main pocket.

There is plenty of size adjustment for larger bodies, even if your waistline is 46 or 47 inches. It includes a hydration pocket, but no bladder. Will carry 50 or 60 pounds of gear with no problem.

Mardingtop Military Backpack/Tactical Molle Backpack

Some people prefer features and a secure fit over a huge bag. This backpack from Mardingtop will keep your gear close to your body for better center of gravity management. The bag is still quite large, with 35 liters of available space, and if you need something bigger, they offer a 50L backpack as well.

Construction is heavy duty 600D nylon. It has a Velcro spot for a name tape or flag patch. The molle webbing is designed smartly, allowing you to add pockets and pouches on the side pockets, the back, and even on the belt. The back is padded smartly to be both comfortable and breathable, and everything is designed for rugged comfort.

Military Tactical Backpack Large 3 Day MOLLE Bag

Not the lightest bag in the world, but comes with all of the normal features, webbing on the back and sides, compressible, and at 40L, it’s about perfect for a 3-day pack or bug-out-bag.

There’s plenty of padding and pocket room for everyone, and the belt strap is nice and wide. The bag is constructed of weather resistant high density nylon, and all of the compartments are easily accessible.

Everything is double stitched, and the carry handle is re-enforced, allowing you to carry a lot of weight without the worry or ripping the handle off.

Osage River Tactical MOLLE Backpack

The big advantage here is the lifetime warranty. Osage River offers another molle backpack that hits the mark. Available in four colors, including a camo choice, this compressible pack is perfect for a hunting trip, or any kind of hiking.

There’s plenty of storage room for whatever you need, even if it’s a 2L hydration bladder. The back is a vented mesh to help keep sweat off of you, and of course, it’s fully adjustable. I like the fact that the webbing is distributed everywhere, so any extra pockets can be added in numerous configurations to meet your needs. For this price, it’s a steal right now.