Which Guns are Built in the USA?

The United States of America is famous around the globe for its robust gun culture and firm commitment to the 2nd amendment of the constitution, yet many people are still unfamiliar with which firearms are actually built in the good ol’ USA. The history of gun manufacturing is complex, with many changes having occurred over the past few decades, let alone hundreds of years, but it’s still possible to trace which guns are made domestically and which originate from abroad.

guns made in the usa

So, which guns are built in the USA, and why are Americans so committed to buying local? Here’s a breakdown of firearms that are proudly produced in America, and why they’re so popular.

American Gun Manufacturers

Finding authoritative sources of information related to firearms can be tricky, even if you’re a seasoned veteran or someone who’s well-immersed in gun culture. Nonetheless, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has released some interesting information to the public that can be leveraged for these ends, and gun manufacturers themselves vie for a spot at the top of the American dog heap.


In the USA, the biggest gun manufacturer remains Ruger, which churned out nearly 1.7 million firearms in America during 2015. The Mini-14 remains as an icon as well as several other Ruger handguns which have gained popularity as concealed carry weapons.

Handguns remain the most popular firearm of choice in the United States by far, however, and most guns which are proudly made in the USA can neatly fit into one palm. Ruger has a number of notable revolvers that pack quite a punch and were made in the USA; the Redhawk, Wrangler, and New Bearcat are beloved by American gunowners who are looking to fire from the hip without having to buy from a foreign gun supplier.

Ruger doesn’t restrain itself to revolvers, either, but also makes a number of pistols that are immensely popular with American gun owners, helping propel the company to the top spot. The tiny LCP is a favorite for those looking for something small for personal defense, for instance, whereas the Security-9 and SR1911 both pack a formidable punch while maintaining a classic gun aesthetic. Clearly, the company understands that gunowners demand variety in their tools and won’t be pleased with a small number of options to choose from.

Smith & Wesson

The fabled reputation of Smith & Wesson, which recently rebranded to American Outdoor Brands, also ensures that the famous pistol maker is another major American producer of firearms. Now that we’ve covered the important manufacturers, which guns are actually forged in domestic fires?


Glock is an interesting example of a company that builds guns in the USA and abroad. Glock Austria, for instance, is the original homeland of the firearms yet Glock USA has an impressive factory in Georgia that churns out many impressive guns. Still, Glock USA pistols have American made frames, yet other parts are imported from Austria. Many guns can be trivially confusing like this, with some parts being made in America and others being forged elsewhere, but some firearms are uniquely all-American.


Colt Manufacturing Co., however, which was famously started by Samuel Colt, proudly produces revolvers, pistols, and rifles in Connecticut. The M45A1 Marine Pistol was chosen by the United States Marine Corps for its impressive durability and stopping power, illustrating that Colt has made a uniquely American name for itself as a gun manufacturer.

Who could forget the AR-15?

It would be foolish to discuss guns which are built in the USA without talking about the AR-15, which has taken up the mantle of one of the most iconic guns of modern America. The semi-automatic rifles is one of the most popular firearms ever produced, with hungry gun owners having vacuumed up as many as possible over the past couple of years due to some gun control scares. Designed by the American company ArmaLite, the AR-15 has ingrained itself into everyday gun culture and is a popular tool at almost any outdoor range one can visit.


American-Made Gun Accessories

Besides guns being built in the USA, some critical firearm accessories are also built domestically, much to the benefit of gunowners who get to reap the rewards of American quality manufacturing. Trijicon’s famous ACOG scope, for instance, is one of the most beloved gun accessories to ever grace the world, with numerous former US service members returning stateside and picking up a scope similar to the one they served with.

Trijicon’s immensely popular ACOG scope isn’t the only accessory that’s distinctly American, either. The National Rifle Association hawks many products to website visitors, with eye and ear protection and a number of other common firearm accessories being made available to the public. Straying away from accessories and into the exciting world of shotguns, we can clearly see that Americans are still in love with the scatterguns not dissimilar to what settlers on the frontier once used to bring home dinner.

Shotguns that are made in the USA

Remington Shotguns

Those interested in shotguns which are made in the USA should look no further than Remington, which has established a legendary reputation for itself as a gunmaker thanks to its historical staying power and classic shotguns. Remington firearms have been forged in American flames for over 200 years, according to the company’s website, with such guns as the Model 700 and Model 870 having become some of the most widely-sold firearms in history. To this day, Model 870 American Classics are still in hot demand whenever gunowners need to pick up a shotgun ahead of hunting season.


Remington doesn’t get to hog all the glory for itself, however, as many others produce some impressive guns in the USA. Kel-Tec has a distinctly modern take on firearms and shotguns that gives it an entirely different appearance than Remington’s more classic style, for instance. Kal-Tec’s KSG shotgun series brought scatterguns into the 21st century with a sleek design and Bullpup design that American gunowners have evidently loved.

Americans Love Guns

There are countless gun companies which proudly churn out solid firearms made in the USA, and it’s clear that access to a huge variety of choices has made Americans fall in love with all sorts of guns. Heritage continues to produce revolvers that wouldn’t seem out of place in the old Wild West, with other gun makers like American Derringer offering fascinating firearms to the public for peculiar situations.

American Derringer’s tiny “pen guns” are famous among many gun owners, though they’re often used as novelty or collectors’ items rather than actual means of self-defense or range-shooting. Before we foray too far off the beaten path, however, it’s worth revisiting some of the most popular and admired guns in America before we wrap up.

Ruger has always been near the top of the list when it comes to churning out the most firearms in the USA each year. Ruger’s famous American Pistol is one of the most popular firearms of the modern era, being regularly called upon for self-defense and target shooting purposes alike.

Regardless of whether we’re examining a massive gun manufacturer with a history spanning hundreds of years or a newcomer to the game whose innovative skills could make Browning himself blush, it’s clear that Americans have plenty of guns to choose from when it comes to being built in the USA.