Review: LaserLyte Laser Trainer

It is flat out expensive to go to the range and practice with your gun. The cost of the gun and ammunition nowadays is basically akin to a robbery in progress. That’s why I really liked the thought of the LaserLyte Laser Trainer. It works as a dry fire practice tool (or toy) so that you can practice your trigger control at home vs. going out and firing off $50 worth of ammo at the range. And the LaserLyte lets you practice as much as you want with no range fees!

laserlyte laser trainer review

In this review, I’ll show you what the LaserLyte laser trainer can and can’t do as well as go over the pros and cons of buying one. Currently, it retails for around $199 but you can find it even cheaper on Amazon

How the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Works

So the whole system basically is a small box with a 5″ diameter circle for a target. Also on that box are two 1″ circles that you can “shoot” to see where your shots landed on the 5″ target and also to reset or clear your target. You can either use your own gun by buying an additional laser bore sight by LaserLyte that matches your gun’s caliber or you can buy a plastic gun that works with their system.

Let me tell you that this thing is some serious fun. I think I inadvertently spent about 2.5 hours playing with this thing the other day.

Anyways, I did use my own gun (Glock 17) for this review along with the LaserLyte 9mm cartridge. I do believe it comes out being cheaper this way vs. buying the blue gun that is made of plastic. Also, I find there to be tremendous benefit and gradual marksmanship improvement when using your own gun with this laser trainer.

So you chamber the laser cartridge (in my case the 9mm for my Glock) and the cartridge inside detects the click of a dryfire and activates the laser inside the cartridge. This then shows up on the LaserLyte target and registers on the black box.

Practicing Trigger Control

I think that trigger control is definitely something that every serious pistol marksman should consider practicing often. If you don’t know what I mean by “trigger control”, it is basically how effectively you can squeeze the trigger without manipulating the muzzle of your handgun in any direction.

In fact, I find that the reason most people aren’t grouping their shots consistently in a tight group is because they suck at pulling the trigger. It’s that simple. That is why I love the LaserLyte. It’s such a great tool for practicing your trigger control and I have yet to meet anyone that’s used it that hasn’t improved their accuracy. In fact, most every review about the LaserLyte mentions that accuracy improved after using the LaserLyte laser trainer.

If you are using the LaserLyte and you mess up, it will show immediately. I would imagine that with everyday use, most people that slap or pull the trigger to the side would work their way out of it.

Pros of the LaserLyte Trainer

Here is a culmination of my thoughts as well as what others are saying online that are positive about the LaserLyte laser trainer:

  • fun to use
  • improves trigger control drastically
  • improves target acquisition time
  • improves accuracy when applied at a real gun range with real bullets
  • saves a TON of money vs. buying and shooting real ammo
  • great for everyday use

One thing I notice is that the majority of people that have used this product have reported that their real-life handgun accuracy has improved. Now that is outstanding!

When using the LaserLyte laser trainer, I found myself concentrating more on really getting a feel for the trigger and not jerking it. Over the years, I’ve developed into a pretty good shot but when I do miss, it’s usually low-left. The LaserLyte has basically removed that problem entirely for me since I can fully concentrate on where the laser will hit time and time again.


I really didn’t have much negatives for the LaserLyte other than the cartridge. LaserLyte says to remove the batteries from the cartridge after each use since the batteries will drain out if left in between uses. I find this to be absolutely true when testing myself and it’s a real pain to have to put the batteries back in every time. Other than that, I can’t find anything wrong with it functionality-wise.

In the video above, they are not only focusing on the LaserLyte laser trainer but also the Reaction Thyme laser targets from LaserLyte that can be found here.