Red vs. Green Laser Sights for Guns

Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between red laser and green laser sights for guns. Well we’ve got some answers for you.

Red Lasers and Laser Sights

A lot of people think that the only option for weapon laser sights is red. Why? Because almost every movie featuring a swat team or special forces has depicted laser sights as red (btw, my favorite laser scene of all time is in Goldfinger)

The fact of the matter is that red lasers are much cheaper to produce than their green counterparts. That’s why they’re the most common type of laser for pistols and rifles. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a red laser sight either!

Benefits of Red Laser Sights

So the main benefit right off the bat when you’re thinking of buying a laser for your handgun or rifle is price. Red lasers are generally cheaper to produce than green lasers and in return, they are cheaper for consumers to buy.

The next benefit of red laser sights is that they require less power than green lasers to operate, making them last longer. This is a definite plus since less battery changes means less maintenance. You definitely don’t want to have a dead battery on your laser sight when you actually need to use it in a personal or home defense situation.

The Best Red Laser Sight?

There are different laser sights for different applications, but our favorite red laser sight is probably going to be the Truglow Micro-Tac red laser. It’s a great laser sight at a very affordable price. It’s also available in a green laser version but you’ll probably want to scroll down to read more about that!

Green Laser Sights

Now for green lasers. So we know that green laser sights are more expensive than red, and require more battery power to operate. So what’s the deal? What makes green lasers so good like you hear about on gun shows on TV and in magazines?

The bottom line is that the color green is easier to see in the daylight. In short, this is because the green portion of the visible light spectrum of color that our eyes can see is more visible than the red portion. That’s why green lasers always seem to appear more powerful than red lasers.

Benefits of Green Lasers on Guns

Green laser sights are also much easier to see during the daytime hours. Why is that better for gun owners who want a green laser sight on their gun? If have a CCW or concealed carry permit, having a green laser on your carry gun can save your life if you need to discharge your firearm in the daylight against an attacker.

Our Favorite Green Laser Sight?

Hmm…it’s probably the Ozark Armament green laser sight like we mentioned in our best laser sight for AR-15 article.

Why? It’s got great reviews, a super bright green laser and some great features, especially if you’re mounting it on a rifle like an AR-15.

Red vs. Green Lasers Explained

I came across a really great video explaining the basic differences between green and red lasers. In summary, green lasers are much more expensive than red lasers and also much brighter.

In the video, the demonstrator shows just how powerful red lasers can be. His commercial grade red laser actually lit a match and can burn things if focused properly.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

The Verdict: Red vs. Green

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Red lasers are more common and oftentimes cheaper and more efficient than green lasers. However, green lasers are brighter to the human eye and easier to pickup in daylight situations. If we’re talking about a carry weapon laser sight, I would go for the green hands down. Now for a home defense weapon or a weapon that you use for dryfire practice, I might go for the red just for the cost effectiveness and good visibility in low-light situations.