The 4 Best Eotechs for Your AR-15 (and other rifles too)

Eotech as a company has made some remarkable scopes and sights that have proven themselves again and again in battle and also for the average gun enthusiast. Eotechs have been used by the U.S. military as well as soldiers around the world and are known for their accuracy and durability. The build quality on these scopes is out of this world.

the best eotechs for AR-15

What you’ll find out about Eotech is that almost everyone that uses one freaking loves it. Check out some forums and when people make a thread asking, “what’s the best holographic scope for my AR?”, it’s always answered with some kind of Eotech product.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good alternatives to Eotech, take Aimpoint for example, but Eotech generally makes the best of the best when it comes to scopes for your AR.

We carefully examined 4 of the best Eotechs for the AR rifle platform and we think we’ve got some winners here that you’re going to love. See which Eotech sights our experts chose as the “best” below.

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapon Sight

AA Batteries. If there’s nothing else that you walk away from this review with, remember that part. This sight isn’t too heavy, it’s short (low to the barrel), bright reticle, and easy to find a power source for.

While the AA batteries are an upside for some, they are definitely also the weak link with this scope. Reduced battery life compared to some other sights, though plenty long enough for most things. If you leave your rifle out in the burning heat under a desert sun, there is always the potential that they could leak. All the typical AA battery problems. For range use or a weapon that doesn’t see much abuse, AA batteries are an excellent choice.

Other than that, this is a great sighting system. Rock solid, and the dot-and-circle style reticle that EOTech uses is bright and crisp.

EOTech Model 558 Holographic Sight for AR-15

Very similar to the previous product, but this one also works with generation 1-3 night vision devices. Rugged, sturdy, takes AA batteries, and is a very attractive looking sight. As stated, AA is not the answer for everyone, but this is a fine product with a bright reticle that will keep you popping targets all day.

This sight will mount an EOTech magnifier if you decide to spring for one later. It gives your weapon a clean look, and like all EOTechs, you can expect it to hold up under the worst of conditions. Water submersible to 10 ft, works in any lighting conditions, and looks great on an AR15.

EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight for AR

Short, simple, efficient. This tiny sight is the best for something those looking to mount a compact to their AR15, or on a scope-mounted rail.

Uses 123 lithium batteries, which are long lasting for their size.

Due to the size of this sight, it’s incredibly fast on target, which means your rounds are on target when you want them there. From a ready carry position to ready to fire takes less than a second, and the glowing reticle is directly over the vitals of whatever you plan to shoot.

This sight is a trooper. It’s perfect for combat, plinking, hunting, or anything else you want to use it for. The knurled adjustment knobs make it super easy to set up, so you won’t be in too much trouble if you want to swap weapons with it while you are at the range. Five or six shots and you’re zeroed in.

This little wonder from EOTech is, to say it simply, an amazing design. There’s a reason EOTech has so many products that follow this format. It’s proven and very effective. I can’t even think of anything negative to say about it, unless I fantasize about some everlasting battery that might fit into a sight this small. It doesn’t have an attachment for the alternate batter that fits on some of their other weapons.

Just go and read the reviews on the Eotech XPS on Amazon, people absolutely love it.

EOTech HHS l (EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier)

Need some magnification with your sighting system? Don’t wait and buy everything separate. Get it all in one neat package and be ready for anything. The 3x magnifier attaches to the front of this HHS model as a flip scope.

Works well with flip up rifle sights as well, the mounted scope means you have precision accuracy when you need it without losing anything in the process. When at closer quarters, you flip it to the side and you are good to go. Flip it back to turn your rifle into a devastating varmint hunter, or a 100 yard plinker for smashing clays or tin cans. This is a tremendous little package for the AR15 owner who likes to be ready for anything.

You’re going to love this thing. Plus, it’s priced right on Amazon right now as well.

Which Eotech is Right for Your AR-15?

That’s a tough question to answer, and for good reason. Eotech makes so many excellent sights that it’s hard to choose.

The best way to pick the best Eotech for your AR is going to be based on how you’re using your rifle. Range queen? Maybe go for some of the less expensive models. Duty use? Go big or go home, especially if the Eotech you choose for your rifle is going to possibly affect your time spent on this Earth.

The good news is that you just can’t go wrong with a good Eotech on your AR-15, that’s been proven.