The Best Cases for AR15

The AR15 rifle is a legendary rifle platform, so why not carry it around with some respect, huh? We’re taking a look at the best cases for AR15 rifles and why you should own them. This isn’t easy, there are a LOT of options out there as far as AR15 cases go but we’ve sorted through them all to present our top choices for AR15 carrying cases.

the best ar15 case

BLACKHAWK Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case

From Blackhawk, this tight-weave, 600 denier polyester rifle case is a bargain. It comes with a shoulder strap and plenty of pocket space. Inside the bag is dual-density open-cell foam to help with shock absorption. The case also includes a thick PVC laminate material to help it hold shape.

Four pouches toward the back of the case allow for easy storage of extra magazines and ammo, and a larger pocket on the front is perfect for targets, a staple-gun, or anything else that’s oddly shaped. There is a loop where the zipper closes for the addition of a lock. It will double as a range bag if you are only bringing your AR 15 and a pistol or two.

The downside, is that this case is pretty small, so if your AR is approaching 34 inches in length, you might want to look for a bigger one. If you have a short rifle, though, this is a great case for the money.

Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Case

Flambeau offers up this cool hard case that loaded with features on the inside, but lacking pocket room on the outside. The outer dimensions are 40x12x4, so depending on how many accessories you are carrying, and whether or not you prefer to transport your rifle with a 30 round magazine installed, you might find the case to be slightly narrow.

To take even more space away, there are pre-molded plastic partitions inside for extra magazines, but depending on your weapon setup, they could get in the way. There’s no extra room on the outside for other gear, so you’ll need to bring your range bag separately.

Bottom line, this is a quality AR-15 case that’s pretty good for the money.

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

Two rifles, one case, with a soft partition to keep them from fighting while they are in transport. Straps inside hold everything securely, and straps on the outside allow you to carry the case either over your shoulder or as a backpack.

The inside dimensions of the bag run a tad shy of 40 inches, so don’t be fooled. It’s available in several color patterns including digital camo and OD green on Amazon right now for a great price. On the outside of the case, you will find three roomy pouches which look like small backpacks, with plenty of room for magazines, extra ammo, range supplies, etc. Very nice bag for toting two rifles at once.

UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case

This looks more like a long suitcase than a gun case. The pocket on the front runs almost the whole length of the case and has pockets inside for magazines and back-up pistols. Inside the case, there are two rows of BTS webbing and six adjustable straps to keep your AR 15 separate from the other rifle you wish to carry.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a range bag, but with the extra pocket space you could theoretically haul most of what you need for a fun couple of hours. The case is also available in different sizes and either hard or soft configurations.

Plano Gun Guard

If you are looking for an all-weather solution, then look no further. This 36 inch Plano crate is perfect for transporting AR 15s up to 36 inches maximum overall length. The latches are dual stage, spring loaded, and offer a very secure feeling. Padlock tabs come standard. The interior is crafted from high density foam and the outer plastic is thick and solid, and features a pressure release valve. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

As for the foam. It’s made of those little square pieces that you can pluck out as needed for a custom, reliable fitting. At 36 inches, it can be on the short side, but not to worry as Plano also makes a 42 inch version, in case you really like this style but need something a bit longer. Check the best price on it by clicking here.

What You Should Look For in The Best Case for AR15

First things first…ask yourself where you’ll be taking your AR15. Maybe you’re going out for a range day at a local outdoor gun range or you might be heading over to an indoor range for some wintertime practice with your AR (sorry, this happens in the Northern states!). Either way, when looking for the best case for your AR15, you’re going to be looking at two kinds of gun cases: soft and hard.

What to Look for in Soft Cases for AR15

In a quality soft case for AR15 or any other rifle, you’re looking for padding. You probably won’t damage anything on the rifle if you drop it while its in a soft case, but we’re not really worried about the gun itself as much as the optics that are attached. This is why you need some serious padding in your AR15 soft case.

Next up, you need some pouches for magazine storage. This is a biggie because you don’t want to have your mags clanking around inside the case, they need a home too. ¬†Also don’t forget about additional pouches and pockets to store your hearing protection, targets, any accessories like laser sights, etc.

What I like to see on a good soft case is a quality made strap system for you to carry your case around. Most soft cases just have a durable sling that is comfortable to use to carry your AR around.

Lastly, I want to see some solid metal hardware on your soft case. Metal zippers, rings and loops, I need it to be metal and not some “tacti-cool” plastic junk.

In summary, here’s what to look for in the best AR15 soft case:

  • lots of padding (foam)
  • magazine pouches and accessory pouches for things like vision and hearing protection
  • durable strap or straps for carrying
  • metal hardware instead of the cheap plastic junk (metal zipper, o-rings, etc.)

Do you want the best soft tactical AR15 case? Check out the Condor Single Rifle Case.

We like the Condor for all the reasons listed above, plus it is definitely affordable and VERY well made. This case is more practical tactical mil-spec vs. some garbage that was meant to draw in the tacti-cool suckers. The best price for this case is on Amazon right now.

More of the Best AR-15 Soft Cases

Voodoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

This is a soft case designed to carry two rifles, either suitcase style or strapped to your back. The fitted straps make it a comfort to tote your guns, while the pockets provide ample room for six big 30 round magazines, while still leaving enough room for your pistol and backup ammo.

You could use them for anything, of course, from a cleaning kit to whatever else you might need on your journey. Inside the case you will find a padded divider to keep your rifles from seeing each other, or trading paint, and two large straps on either side wall to hold the guns securely in place.

Every pouch on this case comes with lockable zipper pulls. The bag is selectable in size from 36-46 inches, depending on what kind of barrel you have installed on your rifle. It’s constructed of quality materials and built to last. Plus, the price on this soft case is very nice right now on Amazon.

Smith & Wesson Accessories M&P Duty Series Gun Case

If you happen to own an M&P and you want a matching bag, then this is the one for you, branded to match your rifle. Even if you have a DPMS or some other brand of AR, the bags are fully functional, and available in three sizes, either 34, 40, or 45 inches.

A note of caution, the number of exterior mag pouches increases with size, and you will get either 3, 4, or 5 respectively. The fabric is a durable ballistic composite, backed with padding and wrapped with heavy-duty nylon for the strap. The zipper is large and easy to get your mitts on, and overall it’s a very sharp looking gun case, designed to keep your tactical rifle safe, whether it’s on the way to the range, or out to the backside of your property to take care of a pest problem, or on the road to your bug-out location.

BLACKHAWK Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case, 36-Inch

If you have a shorty AR 15, and a lot of ammo, backup pistol, and other items that you prefer to leave together, and especially if you are on a budget, then Black Hawk is here to back you up. This tight-weave polyester bag is 600 denier fabric to hold up when the load gets heavy, and it’s lined with thick pads of PVC laminate to keep your rifle safe.

The internal fabric is soft, and lays on top of open-cell foam for maximum protection against bumps and bangs. The large front pocket sets this bag apart from the Smith & Wesson model I mentioned, giving you not only more room to store your pistols and cleaning supplies, but also to help balance the bag, whether you are suit casing it or carrying over the shoulder with the included strap.

Condor Single Rifle Soft Case for AR-15

Condor bags are most often the soft rifle case that all other bags are measured against, so it would be wrong not to include them on this list. They are constructed of solid, heavy fabric, and it has two internal pockets in addition to the three pouches on the outside.

Available in either a 36 inch or 42 inch version depending on the layout of your AR 15, you won’t be disappointed with these bags. The construction is sturdy enough to hold up to the worst conditions, and it’s available in three colors: olive drab, tan, or black.

What to Look for in the Best Hard Cases for AR15

If you want or need a hard case for your AR15, you want something that is rugged and dependable with good build quality. Also important is the padding for your rifle inside the AR15 case.

Look for a solid foam core padding for the inside of your next hard case. Also important are spring loaded latches and durable hinges.

Another nice feature of premium AR15 hard cases is a waterproof seal. If you’re out on the range you don’t want your gun to get wet when it’s cased.

Most high quality AR15 cases can also guarantee to be crushproof and dustproof.

For most AR15 rifles, you’re going to want a 42″ hard case to accommodate your rifle.

In short, here’s what you need to look for in a good AR15 hard case:

  • high-quality construction – NO cheap plastic
  • foam core padding
  • spring loaded metal latches and reinforced hinges
  • waterproof design

Remember, as with most good things, you usually end up getting what you pay for. If you want to keep your AR15 in tip top shape while transporting it, spring for the best case. If you spent over $1k on your AR15, you can definitely spend $130-$200 to protect it.

One of the absolute best cases for AR15’s is made by Pelican.¬†You can check it out by clicking here (best price).

Why do we think the Pelican hard case for AR15 is the best AR15 case?

  • super heavy-duty construction (you’re not breaking this thing!)
  • crush-proof and dust-proof
  • very nice double throw latches and steel reinforced hinges
  • polymer construction (super strong)
  • awesome fit and finish
  • waterproof design

If you really want the overall best case for AR15, you need to check out what people are saying about the Pelican 42″ hard case.

Here Are Some More Awesome Hard Cases to Protect Your AR

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 36-Inch

When you want a sturdy wrapper that will keep your short-barreled AR 15 safe and secure under any conditions and in any elements, custom fitted just for your rifle with pluck foam, and you want it without spending a fortune on a pelican case, this Plano All Weather gun case is exactly what you are looking for. And at this price, you can’t really go wrong.

The latches are sturdy polymer construction that will hold up to abuse, but perhaps not quite as sturdy (or annoying) as pelican latches. The inside is water proof, with a pressure release valve for use in changing weather conditions. This is a truly rugged solution for packing your AR, whether on a plane, or backpacking over hostile terrain.

The inner dimensions are 37x13x5, giving you plenty of room not only for your rifle, but perhaps an extra optic and some ammo. Wonderful case, and priced to move.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

If you need all the features above, but your AR is sporting a full length barrel, there will be plenty of room for it in here. The case is the same thickness as the 36-inch, the same depth, but 6 inches longer. For only around $10 extra, you get a whole lot more case for your money.

Condition 1 #759 40″ Black Hard Rifle Case

If you don’t care to mess around with pluck foam for whatever reason (some of us like to change the layout of our gear every time we pack up), or if you simply aren’t interested in spending the money for the latest and greatest, all-weather whatever, then you might like the look of this case, and you will love the price.

The case itself is a high-density polypropylene construction, lined with finger foam, and the interior dimensions are 40x8x3, which is about perfect for most AR 15s, unless your optical system is particularly extravagant, or you like keeping it loaded with a 30 round mag while it’s packed away. Either way, with an AR 15 you aren’t going to have a lot of extra room in the case for other stuff, but if it just needs to hold your rifle, and the price is right, this may be a good solution for you. You might also want to check how your gun would fit in an 8×40 rectangle before purchasing. Like I said, this case isn’t for everyone.

Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Case

Probably the perfect hard case for carrying a single AR 15 and two magazines. Just don’t try to pack anything else inside.

This case has a hard exterior and finger foam, like many cases, but it’s also fitted with straps in the right places to keep an AR 15 strapped down inside, so that it can’t slide to the edge and mar up or bump the optic.

It also has straps and designated compartments for a magazine at each corner, below the barrel and above the stock. The case is 4 inches thick, so if you wanted to, you could probably strap in four magazines, but it isn’t going to hold much more, or scatter them about near your rifle. For the money, it’s a very good hard case to fit your AR-15.

Hard or Soft Case for Your AR15?

If you travel with your rifle a lot, we definitely recommend getting a good quality hard case. Most are impact resistant, crush-proof and will keep your gun in good condition no matter where you’re going.

If your AR is just another range queen at the local range, get a nice soft case. You probably don’t need the extra padding and impact resistance as the guy who travels with his AR15.

The benefits of getting a soft case for AR15 are that they are lighter than hard cases and you get all of these awesome pockets to hold your gear together.