The Best Green Laser Sight – Our Top 5 Picks

There are quite a few reasons why you’d want a green laser sight vs. a red laser sight. For one, they’re typically a lot brighter. Two, you can actually see them very well in the daylight hours which makes a green laser sight perfect for a carry gun. Lastly, they’re different and just plain cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock a GREEN laser?

In this post, we’re going to offer up our opinion of what makes the best green laser sight and our top picks for the best green laser sights available today. Sound good? Let’s get started.

In a hurry? Here is the short list of our top green laser sights up front:

  1.  Truglow Micro Tac Green Laser Sight (you can also read a full review here)
  2.  Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight
  3.  Veridian C5L Green Laser Sight and Light Combo
  4.  Veridian Green X5L with Light
  5. Veridian C5 Green Laser Sight (Compact)

best green laser sight

So What Makes a Great Green Laser Sight?

High quality green laser sights have a few things in common. The first thing is that they are ultra-bright. I mean some of these green lasers can be seen 120 yards away in broad daylight. It’s pretty crazy what they are capable of doing.

The next thing is that your new green laser has to be durable to be considered one of the best. If this is going on your carry pistol, it had better be able to take a few hits and still work flawlessly.

Most good green laser sights are made with aluminum construction, that is the housing of the laser is made of aluminum or other durable metal vs. plastic.

The last thing that makes a very good green laser sight is it’s battery life. If the laser runs out of juice when it’s “go-time”, you’ll be in for trouble. Most good green laser sights average a constant run time of about 4-7 hours of continuous use.

Actually, this might be the only disadvantage of a green vs. red laser to you. As we mentioned in an earlier article about red vs. green laser sights, green lasers usually use up more power than their red counterparts.

So now, let’s get into our top picks for the best green laser sights. We do have to warn you upfront, we’re focusing a little bit more on green lasers for handguns than green laser sights for AR15 or other rifles in this article. If you want a green laser for your AR or other tactical rifle, check out our post on the best laser sights for AR15.

1. Truglow Micro Tac Laser in Green

This is one of the best “bang for your buck” handgun lasers out there. One other neat feature: it’s so small that it might even fit into your existing carry holster.

For around $100, it is very hard to beat the Truglow Micro Tac green laser sights. Check out the latest (and best) price on this green laser on Amazon by clicking here.

2. Crimson Trace Rail Master Green Laser Sight

Have you heard of Crimson Trace? Chances are, you probably have before if you’re into shooting sports and especially laser sights for handguns and rifles.

What’s so great about this green laser sight?

  1. Rock solid reliability
  2. Instinctive on/off function
  3. Good build quality and durability
  4. Legendary quality and reliability from the leader in laser sights

Check the best price on the Crimson Trace Green Rail Master laser here.

3. Viridian C5L

Viridian is known as one of the pioneers of green laser sights. In all honesty, this green laser sight and the following two we’re going to mention are literally the best green laser sights that you can buy.

Why did we include them last on this list? Well a big part of our rankings has to do with value and that basically means price. The Viridian C5L green laser sight has an all aluminum construction, wickedly-bright green laser and rock solid reliability with up to 4 hours of continuous usage on the battery. What’s not so hot for many budget-minded gun enthusiasts is the price. The price range of all Viridian green lasers is over the $300 mark.

Is it worth the price? The short and definite answer to us is a resounding YES. The quality is really unmatched and the laser can be seen from hundreds of yards away at night and very far away during the day. If you are carrying daily and want the best green laser sight for your weapon, this is it.

In our research, we’ve found that the C5L can be had just under 3 bills on Amazon, which seems to be the best price at the moment.

4. Viridian Green Laser X5L with Light

The Viridian X5L has very similar specs to the C5L and it comes with a light. The green laser is amazing and can be seen for miles at night and produces a very noticeable green dot on target during the day.

I am telling you that you can’t beat the Viridians for green laser sights and this one is no exception. If you want a strong green laser sight with a super-bright light, get the X5L green laser sight and light combo model.

5. Veridian C5 Compact Green Laser Sight

Ultra bright green laser sight that is made from high-quality aluminum for under $250? Listen, just go check it out right now for this ridiculously good price on Amazon.

 Which Green Laser is Best for You?

Maybe you like the affordability and features of the Truglow mentioned above or you value high-quality craftsmanship like the Veridian green lasers. It’s tough to say exactly which green laser sight is “the best” but I think we’ve certainly covered the top 5 best green laser sights in this article. Good luck!