Best Laser Sights for 1911 – Our Favorites

Are you looking to put a laser sight on your 1911? There are quite a few options out there which may be surprising because the 1911 has traditionally been the no-accessories handgun, unlike Glocks which have a world of accessories to choose from.. Nowadays there are plenty of aftermarket mods and accessories for 1911.

the best laser sights for 1911

We love 1911’s here at Gun Laser Guide and we know you do too. Already known for being one of the most accurate handguns on Earth, we think adding a nice laser sight only adds to the accuracy of the 1911 design.

Are you in a hurry? No problem. Here are the results of our research and testing:

  1. Crimson Trace Lasergrip for 1911 (also check out the rosewood version)
  2. Hogue Rubber Laser Grips for 1911
  3. Recover Tactical Grip and Rail System for 1911
  4. Crimson Trace Laser Guard for Kimber  (and other 1911 pistols)
  5. Truglow Microtac Rail Mounted Laser Sight (if you’re 1911 has a rail – read our full review here)

Now for the full descriptions and why we like these picks…

Crimson Trace Lasergrip for 1911

There are very few laser sights out there that can beat a good Crimson Trace laser sight. In terms of history, Crimson Trace has been a pioneer of laser sights for guns since before anyone even cared.

The Crimson Trace lasergrip for 1911 is no exception. Easy installation, awesome laser brightness and ease of use really make this 1911 laser a standout.

What’s really cool about this laser sight is that your finger pressure on the grip keeps the laser on. Very easy to activate and also very reliable. It’s not the cheapest option for a 1911 laser sight on this list but it’s definitely one of the very best.

Hogue Rubber Laser Grips for 1911

Hogue has made a laser sight for the 1911 platform that is affordable, well built and very practical. This laser grip comes in several colors from black to flat dark earth and even pink.

It’s got a bright red laser that isn’t dim like the cheap knockoffs and a very nice grip with finger grooves. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of finger grooves (ahem…Glock Gen 4) but these are alright.

The Hogue laser grips for 1911 pistols start at around the $180 mark but you can check the best prices here on Amazon.

Recover Tactical Grip and Rail System for 1911

I love the concept of this product. Easy to install grip and rail system for a traditionally rail-less gun.

The tactile grip and picatinny rail will definitely turn your 1911 into something “tacti-cool” and enable you to mount whatever you want to it.

It might make sense to buy this rail system for 1911 and tack on another $100 or so for a good red or green laser sight.

This particular product is getting some REALLY good reviews on Amazon with an average over 4.0 with over 250 reviews. Check for the lowest price by clicking here.

Crimson Trace Laser Guard for Kimber

I’m not gonna lie. We’re huge fans of Crimson Trace here at Gun Laser Guide. In terms of 1911’s, we’re also huge fans of Kimber. Put the two together and you’ve got something phenomenally awesome.

Nope, this isn’t the cheapest laser for 1911 on this list by a long shot but it is quite possibly the brightest laser and the most reliable.

This particular laser sight for 1911 is mounted to the trigger guard and extends out ahead of the front of the trigger guard. Some people may not like that but I find it kind of nice. I’m always looking for somewhere to put my thumb while aiming a 1911.

Like most Crimson Trace lasers, it’s pressure activated so all you have to do is maintain a grip on the gun for the laser to stay on. It’s very intuitive and well made as well.

Truglow Microtac Rail Mounted Laser Sight

If you’re 1911 has a rail or if you purchased the Recover Tactical grip and rail system mentioned above, this is one of the best laser sights on the market right now. The Truglow Micro-Tac has a bright red or green laser (depending on which model you buy), affordable pricing (around $100) and outstanding reliability.

You can also check out our review of the Truglow MicroTac laser sight here.