The Best Laser Sights for Revolvers

I don’t know about you, but there’s something amazing about having a laser sight on a revolver. I just think it’s so cool. It’s like classic firearm meets modern high-tech laser sight.

You don’t hear a lot about revolvers and laser sights very often on gun magazines, shows or even on YouTube. We wanted to put together a list of the best laser sights for revolvers for those of us that love the old wheel guns.

What Options Are Available for Revolver Laser Sights?

For most revolvers, you don’t have an accessory rail or picatinny rail like you do on most semi-auto pistols like Glocks. So the options for mounting a laser are, unfortunately, a little slim.

Don’t give up though, there are definitely some great laser sights out there that will fit your revolver just fine. Most of the best laser sights for revolvers are basically grip lasers, or in other words, the actual laser resides in the grip of the gun.

For most of these grip lasers for revolvers, they’re fairly easy to install – usually just a simple grip replacement will do the trick.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Laser Sight on a Revolver?

The benefits of having a revolver with a laser sight is the same as any other type of gun. Here’s a short list:

  • Fast target acquisition – lock on to your target fast with a red or green dot laser sight
  • Aiming in awkward positions – aim around a corner revealing as little of your body as possible
  • Fast follow up shots – quickly get back on target, even if you’re in a panic
  • Perfect for your carry revolver – draw quickly, aim quickly even if you’re in a high-stress situation

Now For The Best Laser Sights for Revolvers

Hopefully you have a basic understanding at this point of how laser sights work on revolvers and why you would want to have a laser on your revolver.

Here’s our list of the best laser sights for revolvers.

1. Crimson Trace Revolver Laser Sights

the best revolver laser sight

Crimson Trace makes some really high quality laser sights. You’ve probably heard about them before if you’re a gun enthusiast like me.

Most all of their laser sights that are made for revolvers are custom made for a particular model or make of revolver.

We’ve chosen them as the best revolver lasers because of their overall brightness, build quality and ergonomics.

Check out Crimson Trace’s laser sights for revolvers here (at the best prices).

2. Lasermax Laser Sights for Revolvers

lasermax laser sight for revolvers

Similar to Crimson Trace, LaserMax has been around for a while and is very well known for making high-quality laser sights for handguns.

Just like most other laser sights for revolvers, Lasermax also creates specific models that are custom designed to fit your particular model of revolver. For example, they make revolver laser sights for everything from the popular Ruger LCR to the Smith and Wesson 638.

What interesting about Lasermax laser sights for revolvers is that they have a design where the laser sits in front of your trigger guard. This gets it out in front of your trigger finger and you can keep the grip that came with your revolver.

It’s number two on this list not because it lacks quality or anything like that, but because Crimson Trace’s lasers are generally more popular and well regarded. That takes nothing away from the Lasermax, which is a tried and true winner.

Additionally, if you’re trying to save a few bucks, Lasermax is a bit more affordable than Crimson Trace on revolver laser sighting systems.


So there you have it, our top choices for the best laser sights for revolvers. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many options for revolver lasers as there are for other semi-auto pistols and AR-15 lasers

That’s a shame because lasers are a great compliment to any revolver. Hopefully in the near future there will be more laser sight companies that will want to compete and create high-quality lasers for revolvers.