The Best Tactical Knives

Who doesn’t love a good tactical knife? You can always use a good knife to do everything from cutting rope, opening boxes or even cutting wood. Tactical knives are built to be durable and deploy as quickly as possible.

the best tactical knife

In this post, we go over our top picks for the best tactical knives. Our experts looked at many knives but cut down this list to only the best ones.

Let’s jump right into our list of the best tactical knives below:

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Tactical Knife

This spring assisted folding knife from MTech deploys quickly and holds ruggedly. The locking mechanism isn’t the greatest in the world, but the steel is good enough, and the clip is absolutely wonderful. At this price, it’s hard to expect much from a knife, but for tactical purposes and everyday carry, it’s a well balanced knife built strong enough to deal with the torment that we love to put our EDCs through.

The button opening is slick, and you might forget that it’s only spring assisted, and not totally automatic. Holes in the blade and body can be utilized for pulling small nails and brads, and the back end includes a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker.

The blade is 3.75 inches long and the knife is a comfortable five inches when closed. It does have an odd re-curve with a sharp turn around the middle, which is going to make sharpening a little tricky. I would suggest ignoring the middle point, and it will eventually smooth itself into a more gentle curve over time.

Tac-Force Blue Police Assisted Open LED Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife

This is an interesting knife with a small flashlight built right onto the side opposite the clip. The clip is deep enough, and the LED flashlight works well. The best selling point of this knife is the price, which means that you aren’t going to have the best steel. It opens with a thumb stud, and comes fitted with a seatbelt cutter.

Don’t buy into the hype on some of the reviews that this is a solid glass breaker, it isn’t, and has no dedicated point. Just because I can smash a window with a brick, doesn’t make the brick a tactical glass breaker. In this case, I think the brick would work better.

Still, if you want a low-cost knife to keep in your pocket with some features, and you don’t want to shell out a ton of money for it, this is a nice one. The flashlight is operated by twisting the lens.

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

We all look for different things in a knife. This fixed-blade from Gerber is great for many purposes. The lanyard hole in the bottom allows for attaching cord to secure the knife wherever you need it, but doing so may interfere with the glass breaker directly behind it.

The blade is a full tang construction made from 420HC ceramic coated steel. The handles is rubberized and textured with diamond shapes for a non-slip grip, and the sheath is MOLLE mountable on your pack or any other adaptable material. The knife has an overall length of 9.8 inches with a blade length of 4.8 inches, making it just big enough for batoning.

The blade is straight, with a gentle curve to the point. Overall, this would make a decent survival knife, but it’s still small enough for personal carry, making it a great blade for personal protection. For less than $100, it’s a great bargain tactical knife from Gerber.

LotFancy Tactical Folding Pocket Knife for Hunting Survival Rescue

If you are looking for a rescue knife without all the fancy colors that looks a bit more professional, then this pocket knife from LotFancy will be right up your alley. The wood scales give it a classic look, while the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker show off the fact that this knife means business.

The stainless steel blade is wrapped in a titanium coating for corrosion resistance, the blade is partially serrated, and the liner lock gives a solid feel to it when open. The drop point is clean and spear shaped, and the point is designed well for piercing softer materials, but using it against steel targets will likely give you a screwdriver tip in no time.

The blade is four inches long, and the body is 4.92 inches closed. It also features a thumb stud for easy opening, and comes with a one year warranty. For this kind of money, it’s a very nice knife you’re getting.