Truglow Micro-Tac Tactical Laser Sight Review

The Truglow Micro-Tac is one sweet little laser sight that is nearly perfect for any handgun laser sight application. It’s got a super-bright green laser (also comes in red, very good as well) and isn’t a burden to have on your gun like some other laser sights.

truglow micro-tac laser sight

In this review of the Truglow Micro-Tac laser, we’ll go over what makes this tactical laser sight so special as well as what other people are saying about it on the web. Let’s get started!

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Who is the Truglow Micro-Tac for?

The Micro-Tac tactical laser is perfect for the concealed (or open) carry license holder who wants a compact and bright laser sight on their handgun that doesn’t get in the way. The Truglow Micro-Tac fits the bill – it’s¬†extremely lightweight and super dependable. It fits most any gun’s accessory rail for both picatinny and weaver rails. It’s so small and lightweight that it fit in my carry holster without any modifications.

Super Bright 520nm Green Laser Sight

The Truglow has one heck of a bright laser. It’s perfect for your carry pistol since the green laser is easily visible during the daytime in near full sunlight. We can’t speak for the red laser version but other reviewers say that it is very bright.

The green laser on the Truglow Micro-Tac has a rating of 520nm or nanometer laser wavelength. If you’ve read our red vs. green laser sight post, you’ll know that green lasers are always brighter than the standard red lasers.

Compact and Lightweight Design

This has got to be one of the smallest tactical laser sights that I’ve ever encountered or reviewed. In fact, it’s so compact that I didn’t even have to change my normal carry holster.

I haven’t weighted the Truglow Micro-Tac but it has to be under 2 ounces for sure. It’s super light and honestly I can’t even tell that it’s on the gun (Glock 17 in this review) at all.

Features and Benefits of the Truglow Micro-Tac Laser Sight

This laser sight doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles but does the job it’s supposed to do very well.

  • 520nm (nanometer) laser wavelength on the green version – it’s very bright
  • Automatically turns off after 5 minutes – it won’t drain your battery if you forget to turn it off
  • Ambidextrous on/off switch for rightys or lefty shooters
  • Will fit any weapon with a picatinny or weaver style accessory rail
  • Will handle vibrations very well, even up to .45 caliber
  • ¬†Can be adjusted for both windage and elevation

Reviews of the Truglow Micro-Tac Laser

This laser sight has 80+ reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4 out of 5. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Truglow Micro-Tac as other people have reviewed.


  • Fits most any gun accessory rail
  • Great brightness for both green and red laser versions
  • Very compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Holds zero very well
  • Is durable and well-made
  • Good on/off push buttons that won’t accidentally turn on or off


Some people mentioned that they received models of the Truglow Micro Tac where the adjustment screw came loose or the laser sight came loose from the gun. Some others say that zeroing in this laser sight is difficult. One review said that this laser was difficult to holster due to sharp edges that extended past the sides of the barrel of their gun.

In total, ratings below 4 stars seem low with the majority of reviewers favoring the Truglow Micro-Tac.

Most people seem to agree with my assessment that this particular laser sight is a great value. The majority of reviews say that they love how small and compact the Truglow is with one reviewer comparing the quality of the Truglow Microtac to Crimson Trace lasers.

Summary of the Truglow Micro-Tac Laser Sight

That concludes our review of the Truglow Micro-Tac tactical laser sight for handguns. We reviewed the green version but the red version seems to also get lots of positive feedback online. I love the fact that this laser sight is built simply. In return, it simply works. The Truglow Micro-Tac is one of the best laser sights that we’ve reviewed so far and has an outstanding laser that is comparable to anything else on the market, even $300 laser sights. If you’re considering a dependable laser sight that’s compact and easy to use, give the Micro-Tac from Truglow a try on your pistol.

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