Best AR-15 Muzzle Breaks

Especially with light barrels, a muzzle break combats unwanted lifting. While there are various pros and cons of using a muzzle break, it’s important to choose the right one for your AR-15. Find out what the best AR-15 muzzle breaks are in this article.

best muzzle breaks ar15

Surefire Procomp

½-28 TPI for .223/5.56 barrels.  With a patented Impulse Diffusion design, Surefire Procomp minimizes side and rear blast for the comfort of shooting buddies on the firing line.  The exhaust gasses are instead vented forward to move the rifle laterally back without deviating off the target for quick and accurate follow up shots.  The 556 Procomp offers the same design as the popular SOCOM SFMB without the ability to use Surefire suppressors.  It is the option offered for those that live in states that have circumvented federal law on suppressors.  Coated with a Melonite finish to protect against both the elements and considerable blast forces, the brake offers a design and a coating that will not quickly lose its aesthetic appeal.

Precision Armament M11-SPR

The M11-SPR is designed to direct the gasses to the side and up to not only reduce muzzle climb but also for use in prone shooting without sending up a lot of dust and dirt.  Such a signature gives away the firer’s position as well as plays havoc with any sight picture.  Precision spends particular attention on the bore aperture and decreasing baffle thicknesses to minimize disturbance of the bullet’s trajectory, looking to mitigate any slight deviation a brake may impart onto a fired projectile.  Available in stainless or wear resistant Diamond Like Carbon matte black.  The M11 is intended for the use of long range, precision shooters for varmint hunting or competitions.  For the full benefit, the manufacturer recommends the use of an Accu-Washer Alignment system installation.

Dead Air Sandman QD

Dead Air Armaments offers a unique quick detach muzzle device for use in conjunction with their line of silencers.  Designed as an accessory for a suppressor equipped firearm, this component of the Sandman series redirects the flame and gasses forward keeping lateral muzzle climb at a minimum and keeping the sights on target.  All while reputedly looking impressive with potential jets of flame going forward.  Yet should the need arise, it is a quick switch to employ the sound suppressor back into action.

Silencerco ASR

Silencerco’s 3 port lateral ports effectively vent gasses to the side to reduce recoil and, more importantly, muzzle climb.  While not particularly courteous to other shooters immediately flanking on the firing line, the ASR’s real merit comes in its compatibility for mounting a fair array of suppressors from Specwar, Omega, Hybrid, Saker and Harvester.  It is a good choice for shooters who have access to a trust’s worth of silencer selections or simply for being capable of accepting whatever options may be available when it is time for action.

Troy Medieval

Stepping away from long range precision, Troy’s Medieval device attends to muzzle climb and maintaining point control as any good brake should.  Troy makes several brake designs, all serve the purpose of keeping the muzzle on target.  Yet the potato masher face of the Medieval brake is clearly not meant for distance.  Instead it proudly declares its purpose for when things get up close and personal.  Offering a reason to give pause for anyone daring less than lethal action, the brake offers stand off capabilities, in appearance as well as application, that simply are not available in most any other attachments.

AR-15 Muzzle Breaks In A Nutshell

When shooting the AR-15, sometimes quick follow up shots don’t easily stay on target. With a muzzle break, you’ll reduce the amount of side and rear blast so you can get shots on target easier.