The Best Flashlights for AR Rifles – Some Recommendations

There’s no better accessory for an AR rifle than a good flashlight. For many AR-15 owners, this rifle platform is your primary home defense weapon, making it crucial that you have some reliable and high-quality accessories on it. We’re going through some of our top picks for the best tactical flashlights for AR-15 so let’s get started.

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Here Are the Best Tactical Flashlights for AR-15

1. SureFire X300

You know what’s nice about the SureFire X300? It’s compact, lightweight and isn’t bulky on your AR-15. If you like simply designed products of high quality that just flat-out work well, this is the AR-15 weapon light for you.

Another thing that’s nice is that it can also fit on your handguns as well if need be.

If you don’t know about SureFire, they make some really high-quality lights. If you’re relying on this tactical flashlight to work when you need it to to protect yourself or your family, this is the one.

The best price right now is over at Amazon and isn’t too bad considering the quality of this flashlight.

2. SureFire M620P Fury Scout

When you want a mil-spec tactical flashlight for your AR that is THE absolute best, brightest and most reliable, the Fury Scout is the one to get.

This flashlight generates 600 lumens of real power to blind the hell out of anyone in front of your AR-15. Unlike the SureFire mentioned above, this one does come included with a pressure switch so you  can control when this thing comes on and off very quickly.

Speaking of going on and off, the M620P includes a quick release plate that will even attach to picatinny rails that are out of spec.

For a tactical flashlight for your AR-15 that you can trust your life to, this is the one. It’s easy to use and built like a tank with the backing of the SureFire warranty for life.

The best place to buy this flashlight is definitely Amazon right now in terms of price.

3. Streamlight TLR-4 with Green Laser

We love the Streamlights here at GLG and for good reason: they’re affordable and they friggin rock. So you’re getting a capable high-lumen tactical AR flashlight with strobe functionality. As an added plus, you also get a super-bright green laser (check out our green laser sights article).

For the money, its one of the best you can get for a reliable AR-15 flashlight and laser combo. It’s sitting at under $300 right now which is a steal for this tactical flashlight.

Make sure you check out our other articles if you’re into laser light combos or if you want to see our full review of the TLR-4 (red laser version).

4. Streamlight TLR-2 Flashlight and Laser Combo

If you can’t see the love-fest going on here with Streamlight, you might be blind! The TLR-2 is kind of like the more sophisticated, big brother of the Streamlight TLR-4. It’s got a blinding 800 lumen light plus either a red or green laser (depends on model you get).

If you check out the TLR-2’s stellar reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that almost everyone is amazed by the power of this tactical light. From using it on your AR-15 or even your handgun, it’s there when you need it. Want to talk about reliability? There are lots of cops using this light on their duty gun. You can trust your life to this product, so don’t sweat spending a little bit more on it.