The Best Glock Ghost Ring Sights

If you’re like me, you haven’t fallen in love with the stock Glock sights. It’s a known fact that some people love ’em and others hate ’em. We’ve offered up some sweet alternative sights for Glock before on Gun Laser Guide (like here) but never focused solely on ghost ring sights.

What’s the best part of ghost ring sights? Quick target acquisition. Similar to the benefits of having a good laser sight for your Glock, ghost ring sights will help you get on target fast and be confident in your aim, even if you’re in a high-stress situation.

best glock ghost ring sights

In this post, we look at several of the best ghost ring sights that you can buy for your Glock. Our experts did all the homework for you and reviewed our favorites so that you can buy the best sights possible.

Ok, so let’s get on with our list of the best ghost ring sights for Glock below:

Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring Green

A very much standard offering for the most common Glock models. This is a direct drop-in replacement for the sights on your Glock, which will convert it to a ghost-ring sight picture. You’ll be fast on target day or night.

The ring itself is flat black, but in the dark you can depend on the two tritium cells for a quick three-dot alignment. During the day, you will have the fastest sight picture possible for popping snakes while wondering through the woods, or any other critter that chooses to attack, four-legged or otherwise.

Nothing too fancy, and for the price, the tritium sights work well for a solid and accurate sight picture under any conditions. The sights are constructed from heavy duty polymers. Don’t forget to loc-tite the front if you install them yourself.

Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sight

This is a very cool night sight and ghost ring solution for your Glock, and if you happen to have a ring-of-fire sight picture on your shotgun, you will absolutely love it.

The front and rear combo consists of a three dot tritium powered design, similar to other ghost ring Glocks, but with the added Lexan ring insert in the back that glows in the daylight, or even in low-light conditions, so you can see the it, even in relative darkness. The ring isn’t powered by tritium, but as with most fiber optic elements, it works well enough in most conditions, and when seen as a bonus to the typical design, it’s very functional.

These sights fit all the standard Glock models, but if you have a G42 or G43, they also have a version available just for you, as well as many other makes and models of firearms.

Ultimate Arms Gear Pro 3 Dot Tactical Combat Ghost Ring Sights

Trijicon makes the tritium vials in this combination. The front sight has a standard green glow, but it’s wrapped with an orange insert for increased visibility. The set even comes with a wrench for installation of the front sight, though you will likely still need a sight pusher or gunsmith to install the rear.

The sights fit the standard Glock models, and the front sight is .22 inches tall. Sights are constructed from CNC machined steel for maximum durability, and with Trijicon vials powering the lights, there’s no need to worry about them being too dim or dying prematurely.

At night, you have a three dot sight picture, while during the day it’s all ghost ring for fast encounters, and the triple dot design can be used for added accuracy when needed.

Aro-Tek Ghost Ring Sights

When you want a minimalist design, this is for you. The front sight is a tritium lamp that glows green all day and night, and the ghost ring at the back is unadorned. Unfortunately, this means that at night you will have no adequate rear sight, unless you decide to paint the ring with glow-in-the-dark material for better visibility, but during the day, it makes target acquisition fast and effortless.

The sighting system will fit very high on your gun, so be ready for that. You may have to adjust your point of aim at range to compensate, but for a ghost ring pistol, you aren’t going to have target accuracy anyways.

The rear sight is scuffed to prevent glare, and the sighting system is about as simple as it can be without removing the rear sight completely.