Best Multi Reticle Sight

Looking for a multi reticle sight that’s built for any environment? The benefits of choosing a multi-reticle sight are that you’ll be able to have a clear sight no matter what the outdoor conditions are. With traditional sights, you aren’t always able to adjust the settings. Learn more about the best multi reticle sight below.

best multi reticle sight

TRUGLO Red Dot Dual Color Multi Reticle Sight

Gunowners searching for a high-quality multi-reticle sight option will be thrilled by the TRUGLO Red Dot Dual Color Multi Reticle Sight, with a 5 MOA reticle of unparalleled quality for quick target acquisition.

Offering two color choices, red and green, this option also includes four different reticle designs so that you can find the perfect fit for your unique day out on the range. Shock resistant and waterproof, this sight is a durable addition to any arsenal that won’t be sidelined by a little rain or rough handling. A flip-up lens cap helps maintain the pristine optical quality that customers have come to expect from TRUGLO options.

At $154.31, this option is well worth the cost thanks in part to its special anti-reflective interior, which prevents stray light from bounding where it doesn’t belong and impeding your vision at a critical moment of shooting.

The Weaver-style mounting system makes it a breeze to install, too, making this an ideal option not only for long arms like rifles and shotguns but also non-traditional options like paintball, muzzleloaders, and even crossbows. With the batteries included, gunowners won’t even need to wait after purchasing this product to head directly to the range and give their new sights a test run.

SCRD-06 Sable

Gunowners in search of a more economical sight option will be pleased by the SCRD-06 Sable model that’s been released by Vector Optics. At just $69.99, this handy product includes both green and red dot sights, four kinds of reticle options to choose from, and a digital switch control for ease of use.

This product also features a quick release 21mm Picatinny mount, making it a great option for gunowners who want a sight that can be easily swapped out in just a few seconds. The brilliant red and green design ensure vivid optical quality, helping you locate your target regardless of the surrounding light conditions.

Reticles exchange with an audible click when adjusting, so gunowners won’t struggle to operate this simple yet effective sight. With 6 different levels of brightness, it’s also highly adjustable, making it perfect for gunowners who demand nothing short of perfection when it comes to their sights. At just 4.9 ounces, this sight is also small enough that it won’t weigh you down nor take up too much space in your armory or gunbox.

BARSKA AC12176 Multi Reticle Dot Optics

With its sleek, classic style, the BARSKA AC12176 Multi Reticle Dot Optics option makes a great fit for long arms that come in a black matte style. With 4 illuminated reticle patterns to choose from, too, this option offers just as much versatility as most others on the market without a back-breaking price.

At just $69.89, this advanced red and green dot scope is ideal for CQB situations where gunowners need maximum clarity when it comes to target acquisition. With a flip-up scope cap included to make sure that your tool won’t get needlessly scratched, this dot scope is equipped with a 5/8’ mount standardized to fit on any Picatinny mount. A favorite for owners of the AR-15, this option has a particular military aura that makes it visually appealing as well as tactically useful.

This product weighs slightly more than some alternatives, coming in at 9.6 ounces, ensuring that it’s heftier and more robust than flimsier options that may give out on you. With five different levels of brightness and an adjustable rheostat to make modifications as easy as possible, this option is an admirable yet affordable multi reticle sight that’s suitable for the needs of any serious gunowner looking to bolster the potential of their long arm.

High Quality Shooting In Any Conditions

Especially at the higher-ends of multi reticle sights, you’ll be able to adjust brightness, color, and other options that aren’t possible with red dot sights. With a quality multi reticle sight, you’ll have a sight built for any conditions, good or bad.