The Best Laser Sights for Taurus G2C

Taurus has been making and importing quality and affordable firearms for decades, and they are keeping up that tradition in the G2C. Taurus’ entry into the polymer-framed pistol market is a welcome sight, with more expensive companies like Glock and, more recently, Sig Saur dominating that market space.

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The aftermarket for Taurus pistols is not massive. With that said, many folks want to carry the G2C as their concealed carry firearm and would like to add a laser sight to make it easier to shoot in adverse conditions.

In this piece, we’re going to walk you through ten laser sights that we think are a good fit for the Taurus G2C. For each sight, we’ll start with a basic description of the product, then give you some of the features that we like. From there, we’ll discuss a probable use case for each sight.

The idea is that you want to be able to carry the Taurus G2C with a laser or light so that you can get rounds on target both quickly and accurately should you have to use your handgun to defend yourself.

10 Best Laser Sights for The Taurus G2C

1. Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series Red Laser Sight

Kicking things off, we have a laser that is specifically meant for Taurus models, the E series Red Laser light by Viridian Weapon Technologies. This sight fits on the rail and over the trigger guard, giving you the ability to have the button right where your index finger is at rest on the weapon.

With these laser-guard-style lasers, the main selling point is that they keep the gun fairly slick. While drawing from most holsters isn’t going to be a problem with any of the lights on the list, it is possible for chunkier lights to snag on things like clothing, an issue this will not have.

This sight is perfect for someone who wants to keep their G2C looking slick while having a laser that does not add much in terms of the overall footprint to the firearm. As a note, the design indicated that’s it’s for a PT111, but should also fit the G2C as they share many parts and dimensions.

2. ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights

Another variation on the laser guard theme, this one by ArmaLaser does much the same thing: it attaches to the rail and slips over the trigger guard so that you can have a laser that you can deploy quickly without having to move your finger much. These kinds of sights are common, and we want to offer you a few so that you can make your call based on your aesthetic and performance preferences.

In terms of features, this one has two that give it an edge. First, you can replace the batteries without removing the sight: this saves you from having to re-zero the sight after changing batters. Second, it comes in both red and green models: the latter is an option that people with some eye conditions will find highly useful.

Use wise, this sight is intended for people who want to have a slick concealed carry version of the G2C, and to that end, this sight fits well.

3. ArmaLaser GTO/FLX Finger Touch Green Laser Sight for Taurus Handguns

Laser guards are admittedly cool looking and can give your handgun a little more of a futuristic look. For some people, though, the added bulk of the housing that goes over the trigger guard is undesirable. If you want a more compact laser, then this option by ArmaLaser is a good choice for you.  This one simply attaches to the rail and provides you with an easy to access green laser.

The green laser is a major benefit for people with astigmatism. For those folks, the more common red dots in lasers or sights have washed out edges, appearing as a splotch more than a dot. At close range, this is not a massive deal, but over time can get annoying to look at, and can be solved with a green dot, which will appear sharper.

With that in mind, this sight is ideal for someone looking for a small green laser sight that will not add much bulk or weight to their Taurus G2C.

4. ArmaLaser GTO/FLX Finger Touch Red Laser Sight for Taurus Handguns

This is the red version of the same laser that comes before it on this list. Instead of re-doing the same description again, it’s worth taking a moment to talk about the benefits of a red laser over a green one.

While red does not play nice with astigmatism, it does help with other aspects of human night vision. Other colors, especially green and blue, wash out our night vision quickly and tells our brains that it is daytime: that’s why those blue light filtering glasses are becoming so popular now.

Red light, on the other hand, tends not to wash out your night vision and can help you to retain your ability to see in the dark. That’s the reason that so many of these laser sights are in use: they help you tell where your rounds are going even in low light conditions. Thus, if your eyes are okay with it, a red laser is usually a practical sight choice to make.

5. Firefield BattleTek Green Laser Sight

For a rugged option, the  Firefield BattleTek Green Laser Sight is an excellent option. This small, green laser sight attaches to the accessory rail of your G2C and with the simple push of a button gives you a green laser. In that regard, this one looks and functions much like most laser sights: the idea is to be simple to use and comfortable in a user’s hands.

Where this one stands out in its durability. The sight is rated to be used with calibers up to .308, so putting it on a 9mm pistol should by no means test its durability. Knowing that your sight can take a serious beating gives some peace of mind if you ever need to use it in a self-defense situation.

Because it’s a universal sight, this one would be a good option for someone who has multiple guns and wants the same sight on all of them. That way, you only have to learn how to work well with a single sight and likely won’t find yourself fumbling around should you need to use it under duress.

6. Truglo 560000007620R Sight-Line Red Laser

Another universal sight that mounts to the accessory rail on the frame of the Taurus G2C, this model by Tuglo fits in well with the model of Taurus: dependable and affordable technology that won’t break the bank. This sight is a simple but well-built red laser that will more than get the job done for more users.

Two design features of this stand out to us. First is that it secures to the rail with two screws, where many smaller models only use one. That second screw means a little bit more security under recoil, which is a good idea. Second, there are finger grooves on this laser that will help you find the controls when you can’t look down.

Overall, this sight would be ideal for someone who wants to put a laser on their G2C but does not see the need to spend tons of money doing so. A solid, affordable option like this one is an excellent entry point into the market.

7. Hawk Gazer LG-9T Green Laser Sights

Another budget-friendly option is this one by Hawk Gazer, which provides a green laser in low-profile housing. When compared to similarly priced models, this one is relatively small, which we like for the ability to keep the overall profile of the gun low, and the balance of weight centered in the grip of the gun.

A major feature of this one makes it worth considering by itself: it’s rechargeable via USB-c cable. The move from batteries to cable charging is becoming more popular, and we think it’s a sensible trend as rechargeable battery technology improves. If we can do some small part to avoid throwing more stuff in a landfill, that’s great. The bonus of no longer having to track down specialty batteries is also welcomed.

This sight would, like the Truglo model, be a good option for someone who wants a laser on their G9C without breaking the bank to do so. Additionally, the green option at this low price point is nice for folks who prefer that to a red laser.

8. Crimson Trace Defender Series DS-125 Universal Laser Sight

Crimson Trace has been known for their quality sights for years, and the DS-125 is no exception to that. This is a truly tiny sight- it’s barely bigger than a quarter but packs a lot of features into a package that fits easily on the accessory rail of the G9C.

We’ve reviewed tons of Crimson Trace laser sights before and trust in their quality and performance. They’re a mainstay on our best laser sights for AR-15 as well as our best laser sights for Glock guide.

This model has two outstanding features that we think are awesome. First is that it relies on cable charging which makes your life simpler because you never need to worry about batteries and can likely find a replacement cable at any gas station in the country. Second, and impressive at this price point, the sight is waterproof.

The DS-125 is an excellent sight in terms of its size and features. That it also happens to be relatively low cost is a bonus that we’ll more than take: this one would be great for the majority of G9C owners.

9. LaserMax Spartan Adjustable Rail Mounted 5mW Red Laser Sight

This Lasermax sight sits in a middle ground between the universal sights and the laser guards that are common for many handguns. With a little adjustment, the button for the laser can sit just inside your trigger guard, making this an easy and fast-to-deploy system, which are great qualities to find in a laser sight.

Where this one stands out is in its warranty- LaserMax is willing to replace or repair your sight for five years should anything go wrong with it. That, along with its five-hour battery life, makes this a sight that is in it for the long run, which we think is generally good.

Like many of the sights on this list, this model would be a great addition to your G9C should you wish to concealed carry it, as it doesn’t add much bulk but does do a good job of getting a laser sight at your literal fingertips.

10. Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master Universal Laser Sight

For those looking for superior quality, the Crimson Trace CMR 201 is an excellent laser sight for your G9C, or about any other firearm you own for that matter. Coming in in a durable Cerakote finish, this rail-mounted sight was designed from the ground up to be durable and adaptable.

This sight is a little large for a handgun sight, but is meant to fit well on any handgun, shotgun, or rifle that has Picatinny rail: this means you can put it on a majority of modern firearms. If it were up to us, we would get a few of these so that we could put one on all of the guns we own and not have to learn different sighting systems.

This well-built sight,  which can be fitted to your specific gun with included inserts, is likely to last for years and is one of the better sights on the market today.

Taurus G2C Laser Sights That Rock

In this list, we’ve looked at ten sights that will work well for the Taurus G2C. While the specific aftermarket for Taurus handguns is relatively small, many good universal sights exist and make good options for this gun. Whatever your budget or needs, one of the sights on this list is likely to do the job well for you. While there may be some small issues with fit, if you’re willing to do a little fitment yourself, any of these sights will serve you well.