The Best Night Sights for Your Glock

If you want absolute visibility day or night, fast target acquisition and a perfect fit, then you want a good set of night sights for your Glock. A set of quality night sights for your Glock pistol can make a world of difference, especially in a home defense situation in low-light situations.

the best night sights for glock pistols

If you’re like me and you’re just not a fan of the stock Glock sights, then it’s time for a replacement (it’s simple to do yourself with the right tool).

Our experts searched high and low for the best night sights for Glock and came up with our list below:

Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring Green Night Sights

Let’s face it, the sight picture on most handguns isn’t the most accurate or fastest thing in the world, as pistols are designed for close range, and many times when you need to use your pistol, speed on target trumps accuracy.

These sights from Ameriglo are perfect for optimizing that speed while still allowing precise aiming. Anyone who has used a ghost ring setup on a shotgun knows how nice they can be. They convert any point-and-shoot weapon into a precision shooter instantly. The ghost ring keeps your eye positioned properly so that you can better focus on the front sight, the standard defensive shooting technique.

At night, they are bright and easy for your brain to read. The big green dot goes between the smaller back sight lights. This is a great upgrade to tighten up your Glock’s pattern, either at the range, or when you need it the most. Another plus of these night sights is their low price.

Glock Factory OEM Night Sights

Glock Factory makes these night sights as a direct replacement for your Glock. They replace the standard Glock sight picture with a more typical three-dot design that glows in the dark. The tritium lamps are plenty bright at night, and the white color is easy to see during the daytime.

This is a simple replacement if you want to replace your factory sight picture with something you can see at night. As most Glocks use the same dovetail rear and threaded front post design, they should fit your pistol perfectly. If you don’t have a sight pusher, then you will probably want to see your local gunsmith about installation.

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

The Meprolight sights say 9mm, but they should fit most Glock models just fine. All metal construction makes replacement easy enough if you have the right tools, and the green glow works wonderfully at night, as your eyes naturally pick up green more than any other color.

They are super bright for great low-light performance, and will keep you on target in the dark. They also don’t have those white circles that you see on Trijicon sights, which may be an advantage or a deficiency depending on your preference of sight picture. Some get tired of the painted circles.

TruGlo Bright TFO Night Sights for Glock

If you want the brightest sight picture, night or day, a fiber optic sight backed with tritium is definitely the way to go. Use the light around you during the day, while the tritium lamps will keep the dots lit up all night. These sights are designed to be snag resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your sights hanging up on your shirt when you unholster the weapon.

These are designed as a factory replacement, and you shouldn’t have any problem with them working in your existing holsters because of the low-profile design.

The TruGlow TFO Bright Sights combine fiber optic and tritium technologies to make for a very visible set of sights for your Glocks. There are A LOT of people saying that these might be the best night sights that they’ve ever used.

They’re very easy to install, have a very nice glow and easy target acquisition and flat out work as intended 100% of the time.

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight Set for Glock Pistols

I’m a big fan of Trijicon night sights, and these are designed specifically for Glock pistols. While most sighting set-ups are consistent between different models, if you own a G20, G21, G29, or G30, you might have trouble finding sights designed to fit your pistol.

Trijicon offers a selection for those models as well, so you are no longer left out of the loop when it comes to night sights. The tritium cells are guaranteed to glow for 12 years from the date of manufacture, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them every four years.

Just keep in mind that tritium, like any radioactive source, will degrade over time, so they will dim a bit over the years. Silicon rubber cushions provide extra shock protection for the tritium vials.

I’m rocking a set of the Trijicon Bright and Tough night sights on my Glock 19 (with laser) and I’m loving them so far.  There’s a white ring around the glowing dots in the sight picture, making it super easy to get on target fast in the dark.

This set of night sights has a tritium filling or tritium “lamps” that allows them to glow in the dark. There are also aluminum cylinders around each lamp or dot to protect against any kind of damage from recoil.

It’s actually pretty crazy how much detail goes into a really good set of night sights, especially these Trijicons. For around $100, you can have a REALLY nice set of nite sights for your Glock without breaking the bank.

Trijicon HD Night Sights for Glocks

The Trijicon HD night sights for Glock is similar to the previously mentioned night sights except that this set has only the front sight lighted. The rear sight consists of two subdued dots (non-illuminated) with a bright yellow or orange dot for the front sight.

The front sight is a Tritium sight and very bright. The rear u-shaped sight helps you to really pick up that front sight fast, which we like.

XS Big Dot Tritium Sights

Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em. That’s what the XS Big Dot sights have caused people to feel since they came out. Personally, I don’t LOVE the huge front sight with v-notched rear sight but I  definitely don’t hate this setup either.

The Tritium XS Big Dot night sights for Glock are actually pretty nice and many Glock owners swear by them.

Anyways, I definitely think they’re a nice set of sights, especially with the glow in the dark Tritium sight picture. Plus, they fall in around the $100 mark, just like most of the sights mentioned in this post.

Installing Night Sights on a Glock

Most of the night sight recommendations listed on this page will fit almost all Glock models including Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38 and 39.

To make it easier on yourself when installing new sites, buy a Glock sight tool. Otherwise, you might go nuts dropping the little hex screw on your gun over and over again with a normal 3/16 hex tool.

It’s actually very easy to replace sights on a Glock. Check out the video below for a great explanation. Usually, it only takes a few minutes for me to change night sights on any of my Glocks.

Summary: Which Glock Night Sights Should You Get?

So now that we’ve told you about our top rated night sights for Glock, which set should you buy for your Austrian-made handgun?

Well, that kind of depends on you. We love night sights. Along with the right Glock laser, you could have a very potent home defense or carry weapon in your arsenal.

Any of our top picks for the best night sights for Glock that we listed above will fit the bill. At the end of the day, your personal preference will dictate your purchase decision.