5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Laser Sight for Your Gun

It’s funny how many people dismiss the benefits of laser sights before even trying one out. There are several REALLY good reasons to use a laser sight on your handgun, shotgun or rifle.

why you need a laser sight

We’re on a mission in this post to educate you on the benefits of laser sights and why it’s definitely worth it to buy a laser for your gun.

Reason 1: Laser Sights Help You Aim Without Looking Down Your Iron Sights or Scope

Imagine that you’re sleeping in your bedroom, it’s 2am and the dog starts barking. You go for your gun and check to see what’s going on in your house.. I think I said it all right there.

Think about that particular scenario:

  • You’re groggy from being woken up in the middle of the night
  • It’s dark inside your house and outside
  • There’s distractions like a dog barking or family members freaking out
  • You might have just gotten done fumbling with a gun safe while getting your gun
  • You’re scared (just like anyone would be)

So now answer this question: will you be ready to aim down your sights accurately and fire your weapon if necessary?

It’s a pretty serious question under those circumstances.

That’s where laser sights come in. The laser dot is pointing at your target – just point and shoot. Now this probably isn’t the way you were taught to shoot a gun but under extreme stress, a laser sight just may save your life.

In short, laser sights improve your target acquisition speed. There’s just no doubt about it.

Reason 2: A Laser Sight is a Legal Concealed Carry Permit Owner’s Best Friend

God forbid that you ever have to draw your gun in self-defense, but don’t you think that a laser sight will at least marginally help you aim if necessary?

In a panicked situation, you might not know how you’d react and if you’d be able to line up your sights and shoot.

More than likely, you’ll get “close” to aiming properly but you can’t know for sure.

It’s a great idea to have a laser sight on your carry handgun. Let’s say you’ve got your Glock 19 or Sig P238 on your hip – what good is it if you can’t aim accurately and fire?

Reason 3: It’s Great Trigger Control Practice

Hopefully you never have to put a laser dot on any living human being in your life. That is most likely the case for 99% of gun owners. What do you do now?

Well, we at Gun Laser Guide love using laser sights for trigger control practice. Just make sure your gun is clear, aim and keep the dot steady as you “fire” at objects.

I particularly like putting up a target on my door, lining up my iron sights with laser dot focused on the 10-ring then slowly squeezing the trigger while making sure the dot doesn’t move. I can’t tell you how much better this practice has made my marksmanship. It’s absolutely the bee’s knees.

Reason 4: Quickly Aim While Moving

Think you can aim accurately while running or moving? Think again with your iron sights.

Laser sights make any weapon, from your Glock to your AR15 an accurate weapon while you are on the move.

Wanna test this theory? If you have a laser pointer at home, try aiming it at something on your wall like a picture frame, air vent or even a smoke detector while running. You will find that you can keep your aim pretty darn well.

Reason 5: ANYONE Can Aim a Laser Sight

Here’s the reason why I put a laser sight on every home defense shotgun that I own: so that my family members can aim and fire accurately in a home-defense situation.

Although I try to educate everyone in my immediate family about firearms, I definitely don’t force them to go shooting with me at the range or put in the hundreds of hours required to fire weapons at a high level of marksmanship.

That’s where the laser sight can help.

Imagine if you were injured and needed your wife, your son or your daughter to manipulate a firearm. Would you trust them to aim and fire accurately to neutralize a threat to your family? Having a laser sight on your gun would help.

Are Laser Sights Worth It?

I’ll let you decide the answer to that question. I can only summarize the reasons why laser sights ARE worth it in this article:

  • Improve target acquisition
  • Stable aiming while you’re moving or in a panic
  • GREAT for trigger control practice at home
  • Your family can use a laser sight to aim accurately
  • You can react much more quickly – aim and fire with more confidence

So laser sights aren’t exactly what they appear to be in the movies. This is real life and it requires a dependable laser sight for your gun that has a valid, worthwhile purpose. Most laser sights fall under the $200 range for pistols, rifles and even shotguns. It’s worth checking out what a laser sight can do for you.