The Best BB Gun – Reviews and Recommendations

A far cry from just toddler toys, some of the BB guns today have some serious potential with high feet per second velocities and small game hunting power.

No, you probably won’t shoot your eye out kid, but you will have a TON of fun with some of these awesome new BB gun models that mimic their real-life counterparts.

Psst…you can still buy that Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that you always wanted as well.

We found some of the best BB guns for your money (some might even surprise you) and put together this guide to buying the best BB gun.

the best bb gun

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got below:

Taurus – Millennium PT-111 Spring Powered Pistol

This compact BB gun from Taurus is an elegant and practical solution for anyone who wishes to get themselves a non-lethal, easily concealed weapon.

It features an advanced BAXS shooting system, meaning more power and a greater reach of the pellets. Officially, its range covers 65 feet.

When it comes to its size, its small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket, and does not necessarily require an additional holster.


  • The modern BAXS shooting system
  • Pocket-sized
  • Great price on Amazon
  • Covers 65 feet in distance


  • Prone to jams (the silver lining, however, is that it’s also easily un-jammed)

Daisy – Powerline 340 Pistol

Coming from a company called Daisy, this little pistol offers some impressive clip and ammo characteristics.

Starting off, it has a so-called speed load clip housing 13 pellets, enabling you to make your shots quickly and effectively.

The clip itself is easy to remove, and if we add to that the massive built-in reservoir able to fit up to 200 shots, we could as well say that this air spring model is one of the best around, at least when it comes to the ammo management.

To ensure the user’s safety there is a cross bolt trigger block, which is very beginner-friendly.


  • 13-shot speed load clip
  • Shooting distance – 100 yards
  • Cross-bolt trigger block for safety


  • Not enough power (especially in comparison with some earlier models from Daisy)

Smith & Wesson – M&P Airgun (Medium)

Another great little model, this time from the well-known weapon manufacturer Smith & Wesson, comes in the shape of this medium polymer airgun.

Featuring a semi-automatic firing mode and a drop-free magazine able to house up to 19 shot BB’s, this airgun possesses all the great qualities you would want in a non-lethal weapon.

It is powered by the CO2 positioned in the handle and has fixed the front and rear sights for enhanced precision.


  • Semi-automatic
  • Has a 19 shot BB magazine
  • Powered by CO2


  • The CO2 cartridge is not included in this offer

Crosman – CCP8B2 Vigilante BB Revolver

Coming across as a proper blast-from-the-past revolver from the cowboy movies, this brilliant BB weapon will surely scare away anyone silly enough to mess with you.

The style and design of this model have been reinvented to modernize the iconic shape of the older awesome-looking models. The barrel is 6 inches long and made of high-quality steel.

For improved aiming, the rear sight was made to be fully adjustable.


  •  A modernized take on famous revolvers
  • Single or double-action firing
  • Full metal frame


  • BB’s and CO2 are not included in the offer

Here’s a good video review below:

Wanna make the Crosman Vigilante even more awesome to shoot, add the Crosman red dot sight to it.

Umarex – 2254804 XBG

Built by the well-known Umarex company, this compact airgun 19 shot magazine additionally enhanced to enable quick and jam-free reloading.

The power supply comes from a single 12-grain CO2 capsule positioned in the grip, making it compact and relatively light-weight.

The shooting speed this double action airgun is capable of amounts to 410 feet per second.


  • 19 shot metal magazine
  • Compact and fairly lightweight
  • Fixed front and rear sights


  • No downsides to speak of