Best Bore Snakes For AR-15

Nobody has to tell a gun enthusiast twice about how important it is to keep their guns clean.

Using a bore snake solves that problem. In this article, we’ll talk about what the best bore snakes are for the AR-15, and give you the down-and-dirty on each of our best choices.

best bore snakes ar15

Cobra Bore Snakes .223 5.56 .22 Snake For the AR-15

One of the most lauded options available for rifle cleaning, this Cobra Bore Snakes product will enable you to deftly clean your AR-15 with ease while also being handy for other calibers like .22 options. Designed for quick but effective cleaning, this lightweight option is available for less. Specifically crafted to roll the entire cleaning process into one simple step, this bore snake will guarantee that your AR-15 arrives at the range healthy, happy, and ready to unload into your target.

Rather than jumping right into heavy scrubbing, this Cobra Bore Snake includes an initial floss area to help break down loose debris and old powder before the real work begins. Skilled enthusiasts can master the process of clearing their barrel in one or two simple passes thanks to the Cobra Bore Snake’s built-in brushes, which expedite the cleaning process while cutting down on the overall costs and weight of the product. The drop-through cord comes equipped with a standard and reliable brass weight that enables hobbyist to expertly clean their equipment in one quick pass through motion.

No assembly is necessary for the Cobra Bore Snake, which is easily washable and reusable and designed with simplicity and efficacy in mind.

Sage & Brake’s Detachable Bronze Brush Cleaning Kit

For enthusiasts looking for a pricier and more sophisticated option, Sage & Brake’s detachable bronze brush cleaning kit enables hobbyist to effectively clean their AR-15’s bore in a quick fashion. While many competitors churn out mass-produced options, Sage & Brake has gained fame for producing high-quality products purpose-built to last so that hobbyist get their full money’s worth when they invest in this pricier but higher quality option. Equipped with a full bronze brush and a detachable buffing rope, this kit isn’t merely handy for the AR-15 but can take on a diverse range of firearms.

The stamped brass weight that Sage & Brake’s option comes equipped with is of substantially higher quality than many knock-off versions which frequently fall apart after only a few uses, and its taught buffing rope comes in at a solid 25 inches to guarantee that customers get what they paid for. Hobbyist can’t rush through cleaning in one step with this option, but can still effectively clean their bores of excessive powder or debris in about fifteen seconds without leaving a trace.

Unlike many leading competitors, Sage & Brake’s full bronze brush kit scoops substantially more debris (and copper in particular) from the bore of your AR-15. Frequently making barrels spotless after a single pass, this kit can be unscrewed for easier cleaning of the snake itself, whereas other options frequently feature an all-in-one deal that’s substantially harder to keep clean.

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Bore Cleaner

Hoppe’s world-famous BoreSnake rifle bore cleaner is one of the cheapest options available on the market, and enables hobbyist to effectively clean disparate barrels with ease without breaking the bank. Featuring a quick three-step process to help make your bore shine, Hoppe’s option is notable for its extreme packability and mobility, making it excellent for hobbyist on the go who are looking for a product that can move with them. While this bore snake is machine washable, it’s all-in-one nature can make it slightly more challenging to effectively clean than other alternatives.

Hoppe’s BoreSnake is respectfully billed as perhaps one of if not the fastest option available, and has a large cleaning patch that enables it to thoroughly deal with any left-over grit in your bore. The BoreSnake’s brass weight is of slightly lower quality than many hobbyists will expect, however, but is nonetheless a great option for enthusiasts searching for a snake option instead of a rod. With all of the necessary bristles to get the job done, Hoppe’s BoreSnake option is excellent for first-timers shopping around for a product they want to test before making a long-term commitment to a brand.

Get To Cleanin’

How much debris do you have in your bore? With one of these high-quality bore snakes, you’ll be able to complete one or two skilled passes and clean our you bore quick. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cleanin’.