The Best Holographic Sights for AR-15

If you’re wanting to run your AR-15 as a CQB (close quarter battle) configuration, you should be looking at a quality holographic sight. Most holographic sights for AR that are actually worth anything should be able to provide you with accuracy up to 100 yards away.

The benefits of a hologrphic sight? You’ll be able to aim much, MUCH quicker than with the standard iron sights. You’ll also be able to reference the sight’s reticle from almost any angle and still be on target, thus the “holographic” part.

best holographic sight for ar-15

Sure, you could go all out with an Aimpoint or EOTech, but we decided to throw in some very good holographic sights that won’t require you to take out a second mortgage. If you need a good, inexpensive holographic sight, we’ve peppered those into this list along with the cream.

So let’s take a look at the best holographic sights for AR-15 that our experts picked below.

Lirisy Red Dot Holographic Sight for AR-15

The Lirisi Red Dot is loaded with features for it’s small price tag. Multiple reticle selection, which has become an important option, despite it’s gimmicky origins. You can also customize your sight selection with color, either red or green.

Even the dot size if variable, if you like a plain dot sight. If you want to try a bunch of different sight pictures, you can try them all, and on a budget, so if this will be your first holographic sight, then this is the one to get until you figure out what you really like.

Try everything before dumping a bunch of money on another sight. This one is cheap and GOOD.

The biggest drawback is, at this price range, the sighting system isn’t going to be especially rugged. You wouldn’t want to mount it on a heavy pistol like a Desert Eagle, but on an AR-15, it should work well enough.

Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

The Dagger Defense is a tough sight with an extra large shield to keep your glass free of dirt and sand blowing by on the wind, though if it clogs up with mud, it might be trickier to clean up.

You get a choice of red or green dot, variable brightness, and tough enough to do the job without breaking the bank. The hood increases its ruggedness and reduces snagging when mounted on a pistol or your AR-15. The sight holds center well, but the windage and elevation are screw adjustments, which can be a bit of a pain.

If you have any problem with the sight, the manufacturer is more than willing to make sure that it’s resolved. This is a great company in that respect.

For the money, this is a very good holographic sight for your AR.

Field Sport Red and Green Reflex Sight

Another budget sight with reticle selection. Four reticles in red or green, to give you lots of options. It comes with everything you need to get it set up and sighted in. The sighting movement is via included allen wrenches, and the overall look of it is quite clean.

Again, this isn’t a super tough sight, but for the price it’s hard to beat. It’s a good all around holographic sight that is tough enough for either an AR-15 or a shotgun. The best thing, I think, is that it isn’t covered in a plastic shell. All aluminum, and for a great price, this is another great budget sight.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch Holographic Sight for AR

If you are looking for something a little higher quality that comes with a quick release, then look no further. Sightmark is a company you can trust to deliver a quality product for a decent price. It’s not a budget holographic sight. This little guy is designed for business.

The quick detach system perfectly matches a do-everything rifle, like your AR-15, and it will sit well behind a magnifier for punching longer range targets.

The sight is tough, the glass comes with a high contrast yellow coating, the case is water resistant, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The reticle is selectable, so you get the four standard sight pictures that come with the lower end sights.

This is a good piece of hardware at a fair price, and it is trusted by law enforcement and military. Let’s face it, not everyone needs an EOTech on their weapon, and even fewer want to shell out the money for one.

If you still want a great sight, then this one hits the mark.

EOTech 512.A65 Holographic Red Dot Sight

If you can spring for it, there is one name that’s trusted among all others in the world of holographic sights. EOTech has been proven on battlefields all over the world, and if your wallet can stomach the painful tinge of sticker shock, then you can have the best mounted on your AR-15.

The design is rugged, and the sighting system works perfectly with magnifiers and iron sights on an AR-15. I don’t think that anyone would argue that EOTech makes the best sights you can buy, period.

You spent all that time and money building the perfect AR-15. Why not top it off with the best in holographics? Unless you simply hate the EOTech dot/ring reticle. You can, of course, later, add a magnifier for punching long range targets.