Best Choke Tube

Using a shotgun without a choke tube is like washing dishes without a sponge. Why would you do it? A choke tube is designed to increase accuracy and efficiency by increasing the effectiveness and range of each shot. Whether you’re using your shotgun for hunting or target shooting, a choke tube is a great way to increase the accuracy of any shotgun. Learn more about the best choke tube below.

best choke tube

Remington Remchoke 12 GA. Extended Bundle

Gunowners who are looking for a great deal when it comes to choke tubes are likely to be pleased by Remington’s Rem Choke 12 GA. Extended Bundle, designed for lead shot only. Great to have on hand in the event that you lose a tube, these extend past the barrel and can be changed by hand, though it’s still highly recommended to have a choke wrench on hand regardless of which option you’re using. Perfect for guns with internal chokes, this easy-to-install set is highly commended for beginners who purchased a shotgun that didn’t come equipped with a choke.

Priced well, Remington’s option has extra full .670 constriction and is designed to be easily interchangeable.

Carlson’s Choke Tubes

A fantastic 3-pack set that’s designed for close, medium, and long-range encounters all, Carlson’s choke tube option is lauded for its versatility and reliability. Shotgun owners don’t have to fret about getting their ranging right with this option; a close-range, mid-range and long-range choke tube option are all included in this handy set. Knurled on the end so that gunowners don’t have to struggle to put these chokes on or take them off, it features a wide range of constrictions that make sure you’re capable of hitting any target.

The close-range tube, designed for shooting over decoys, reaches up to 35 yards, whereas the medium option stretches from a 20 to 40 yard range. Finally, the long-range choke enables gunowners to reach beyond 40 yards when taking their beloved shotguns out for a day on the range or a good hunt. Coated with graphite to ensure that these chokes don’t quit out on you shortly after you’ve bought then, Carlson’s option is admired for its easy compatibility with a wide range of Winchester, Beretta, and Remington shotguns to name but a few.

TRUGLO Titan Choke Tube – Invector Plus

An excellent screw-in choke that was specially designed with hunters and clay target shooters in mind, the TRUGLO titan choke tube accepts all waterfowl loads and has been endorsed by Ducks Unlimited for its refined ability to serve waterfowl hunters. This option requires no choke wrench nor any other tool and can be easily equipped and adjusted with your hands on the go. The collar can be turned until it neatly clicks into position, meaning its simple design is also incredibly easy to use even in dark or wet conditions. Steel and heavy shot aren’t a problem for this choke, either, setting it apart from other options in the market which can only endure lead shot.

The titan choke tube and its patented technology is a great investment for gun owners who aren’t looking to pick up another choke anytime soon.

Carlson’s Beretta Benelli Choke Tubes

Fitted for Beretta and Benelli shotguns, this affordable choke option is an economic ally to gunowners looking for reliable equipment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This modified choke option from Carlson’s still enjoys the brand’s legendary durability, meaning gun owners don’t have to worry about getting a shoddy product despite its lower price. Capable of handling steel, lead, copper, and hevi-shot, this choke is versatile as well as affordable, making it an excellent starter option for Benelli owners looking to drastically improve the accuracy of their shotguns.

Made from high-grade 1704 stainless steel through precision machining, these choke tubes are defined by the 25% larger parallel section that throws a more consistent pattern than many other alternatives. Gunowners in search of a bargain would be hard-pressed to find a more admirable choke than Carlson’s Beretta Benelli option.

Choke Tube Notches

You might have wondered what the notches on a choke tube are used for. In choke tubes, the lower the notch, the tighter the shot will be. With a higher notch, there will be less constriction as the bullets exit.