5 Gun Related YouTube Channels That You Need to Check Out

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube binge watching session? YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and more popular than cable TV, so chances are that you’ve used it to watch something entertaining and/or informative. You may have even checked out some of the most popular YouTube gun channels on our list already.

the best gun channel on YouTube

YouTube houses a TON of awesome gun-related content including gun review videos, how-to videos relating to gun cleaning and maintenance and gun accessory reviews for all sorts of things like laser sights, triggers, scopes and more.

So without further delay, here’s our list of what we think are the best gun channels on YouTube.

5. Hickok45

What I thought was just some crazy old guy talking about his favorite guns has become one of my favorite gun channels on YouTube. Hickok45 lays it down and gives you the honest truth and an honest opinion in his gun reviews.

With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, he’s definitely got a very big fan base.

I think what I love the most about his videos is his awesome outdoor shooting range on his property in Tennessee. Every time I see this guy do a handgun review (awesome Hickok45 Glock 19 review here), I’m dying for him to take a shot at the “Gong”, which is a large steel target that he has positioned about 100 yards out on his range.

By the way, if you want a “Gong” for your own range, they aren’t too expensive to buy on Amazon.

4. Iraqveteran8888

Iraqveteran8888 has an awesome YouTube gun channel that revolves around several themes including reviews, gun stress tests (check out the video embedded below) and some pretty good gun commentary.

I especially like some of his “top 5” videos which are always fun and I end up learning something new every time I watch this channel. Also awesome are his “meltdown” videos where he takes a particular handgun or rifle and literally shoots it until it fails. One such video is his AR-15 meltdown video which includes a FLIR thermal imaging system to show you on video just how hot the gun is getting.

3. TheYankeeMarshall

If you like gun rants and raves then you’re going to love this guy. TheYankeeMarshall YouTube channel combines common-sense gun advice and some very strong gun-related opinions.

I love his no holds barred approach and opinionated commentary on all things guns from gun reviews to gun legislation. If you love the 2nd amendment, you need to check out some of TheYankeeMarshall’s videos.

2. Nutnfancy

Possibly one of my very favorite YouTube gun channels, Nutnfancy delivers entertaining videos that actually teach you something. He also seems like a nice guy that is REALLY passionate about guns.

What you can expect to find on Nutnfancy’s videos is some straightforward commentary and opinions about everything from EDC to survival knives and of course some really awesome desert shoots with AR15 and other rifles.

1. DemolitionRanch

DemolitionRanch is one of the most popular gun channels on YouTube because this ordinary veterinarian by trade does some unbelievable things with guns.

Hmmm…where should we start? How about shooting a .223 cartridge through a Glock? Or maybe his video about what happens when you microwave a .50 cal bullet?

If you haven’t already, you need to check out his channel and see it to believe it. What I like about DemolitionRanch is that this channel is basically answering all the questions you had about guns and bullets but were too scared to try yourself.