Best Gun Lights

Having a high-quality gun light means all the difference when tactical shooting. With these lightweight massively bright LED lights, you’ll be surprised at how such a small addon to your tactical weapon can provide a vast amount of light. Learn more about the best gun lights below.

best gun light

SureFire X300U-A Ultra High Output 600 Lumens LED Weapon Light

This high-quality option is one of the priciest and most respected on the market today, with the powerful reputation of the SureFire brand to back it up. With 600 lumens of stunning bright light, this excellent gun light will illuminate even the darkest corners of the woods for late-night outdoor excursions. The tight beam of light has an extended reach that will probe far into the deepest darkness, with significant surround light to provide adequate peripheral vision in all circumstances.

The price tag may seem off-putting, but in reality, this astonishingly powerful light is a real steal given its immense versatility and the sheer power of its illuminating capacity. It can be easily attached to pistols but is also a great fit for rifles with its rail-lock system that’s a great match for universal or Picatinny rails. The immensely durable design of this option is why it’s so lauded amongst gunowners; the high-strength aerospace aluminum body is built to military specifications, is hard anodized to ensure it ruggedness, and is entirely gasket sealed to guarantee it’s weatherproof.

An admirable option for almost any circumstance, this gun light won’t leave gunowners disappointed and will endure for many years to come after purchase. With 12 extra SureFire batteries and 3 battery cases included upon purchase, this option is great for gunowners who can’t wait to get their hands on a light for some low-illumination shooting.

TLR-6 Subcompact Gun Mounted Light w/ Red Laser

Who says a gun light can’t include a good laser? The excellent TLR-6 Subcompact Gun Mounted Light with an included red laser attaches with ease to the trigger guard of M&P Shield products. The parabolic reflector ensures that gunowners receive a fine-tuned balance between a tight beam of light and peripheral illumination, and an ambidextrous switch makes it incredibly easy to operate regardless of which hand is dominate on the gunowner.

Including a class 3R laser product with an output of <5mW, this option is great for increasing precision while bolstering your overall visibility and target identification prowess. If its one hour run time isn’t enough, gunowners can easily replace the batteries without tools. The impact-resistant nature of this option means it’s a reliable light even in harsh conditions where you may be going prone or getting rough.

Lixada LED Tactical Gun Flashlight

An unparalleled handgun torch, the Lixada LED Tactical Gun Flashlight is excellent for the owners of small arms who need to bolster their vision in dark, confined spaces. The compact and lightweight design of this option means that it won’t add too much weight or heft to your firearm nor backpack, though its white light illuminator is still quite vibrant. Requiring no tools to install, this option is easy to use and a reliable starter option for those looking to buy their first handgun light. It’s fair pricing also makes it hotly desired amongst gun-enthusiasts who don’t like to break the bank to get their hands on a shiny new toy.

SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights with TIR lens

One of the most robust and expensive options available, SureFire’s X300 Ultra Series doesn’t disappoint with this handy addition to the WeaponLights series. At this special off-white LED biases its light through the yellowish-green spectrum to render the results more optimal for human vision. Its ergonomic one-finger switching makes it incredibly easy to use, and its ability to meld with universal and Picatinny rails makes it a popular option with gunowners everywhere. With a quick-detach option, it can also be turned into a handy flashlight outside of firearm scenarios.

Best Subcompact Lights

Virtually indestructible and highly efficient, these LED gun lights are sure to turn the path in front of your sights into daylight. Enjoy weatherproof materials that are built to last longer than the life of your gun. Just make sure you have batteries!