Best Gun Tripod

What should you look for in a gun tripod? In this article, we’re going to cover all the features of the best gun tripod. Before you search for just any tripod, what are your unique needs? Whether it’s an all-terrain tripod meant for the outdoors, or target practice in your backyard, you’ll find what you need below.

best gun tripod

Predator Tactics Deadeye Rifle Tripod Complete System

Perfectly designed to meet the rigorous expectations of gun owners everywhere, the Predator Tactics Deadeye Rifle Tripod is an excellent option for those looking for an easily-adjustable gun tripod. Gun owners who rely on this option will enjoy the fact that they can adjust its height from 17.5 inches to 70 inches, with the 26-pound capacity of the tripod making it an excellent option even for larger firearms. Designed so that it quickly and securely attaches to Picatinny and NATO rails, this option also comes with oversized locking knobs for ease of use.

At $239.95, this pricier option is a rugged tripod built for gunowners who are looking to make a wise long-term investment. With the option to quickly exchange its no-slip rubber feet with spike alternatives, this trip also won’t budge unexpectantly in the midst of shooting. With excellent rotation, this tripod is perfect for hands-free operation and won’t let any experienced gunowner down.

Caldwell Deadshot FieldPod Magnum Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest

For gunowners in search of an ambidextrous option comes the Caldwell Deadshot FieldPod, an immensely adjustable tripod made with outdoor hunting in mind. The cast aluminum hub design is solid, meaning this option won’t tarnish quickly nor break easily on gunowners in the field, and its non-marring rear stock ensures that your firearms won’t suffer in its grip, either. The tension knob on the upper frame enables gunowners to quickly adjust this option with ease, and it’s widely hailed for its versatility and durability.

Priced at a competitive $183.99, this cheaper option is excellent for gunowners who still demand adjustability but don’t need the extensive and pricier range of other options. Weighing approximately 13-pounds, this easily-totable gun tripod can be easily moved in the great outdoors if you’re a gunowner trying to bring more precision to your hunting. Crossbow enthusiasts will also be pleased to learn that Caldwell’s option is inclusive enough to fit their weapons, too, making it a great option for gunowners who enjoy harkening back to the age of the bow every now and then.

BOG DeathGrip Tripod

Hunters and gunowners searching for a modern, lightweight gun tripod option can look no further than the BOG DeathGrip Tripod. This feather-light tripod weighs a mere 8.5-pounds, making it an ideal option for gunowners who are constantly on the move. Its squat nature also makes it immensely easy to stow after a long day on the range or roaming the outdoors. This stable shooting platform allows you to adjust it with up to 50 degrees of tilt, and while it’s less versatile than some other options its ease of use and slim nature are unparalleled.

The aluminum structure of this tripod gives it immense durability that won’t fade with time, and the carbon fiber legs cut its overall weight down to such a level that it’s a great option for younger shooters trying to master their first tripod. The small size of this product doesn’t cut down on its versatility its ability to be quickly adjusted, either.

At $179.99, this option also has retractable steel spikes embedded within its structure to guarantee that your tripod isn’t going anywhere without your permission. Its 3-position leg lock makes it ideal for almost any situation, and gunowners will be pleased to learn that they can deftly and easily use this tripod whether they’re prone, sitting down, or standing erect. Securing weapons for hands-free use has never been easier, and its no-slip lever locks and integral bubble level also mean it’s incredibly easy to adjust even during heated moments where every second count.

Shoot Steady With These Best Gun Tripods

Holding a gun for a long amount of time no matter the size reduces your accuracy. Even the sharpest shooters can benefit from a gun tripod. Gun tripods don’t have to be big and bulky, either. Using a gun tripod will increase your accuracy while keeping follow-up shots just as accurate as the first!