The Best Mini 14 Scopes

You’re looking for a scope for your Ruger Mini 14 right? Well, you’re in luck because our experts found the best of the best for you in this post.

the best ruger mini 14 scopes

The Mini 14 is an iconic American rifle and it’s also extremely popular with gun enthusiasts (and fans of this site). When paired with a good scope, the Mini 14 can do some amazing things and group shots very tightly even at 400+ yards.

We did the research for you and found what we think are the best scopes for your Mini 14 rifle below.

Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Scope for Mini 14

Starting off with a wonderful Nikon fixed magnification scope, outfitting your Mini 14 has never been easier. Drop it on and go. Sight it in at 200 yards with a 55 grain bullet, and you have hash marks to pop targets at 400 and 600 yards.

The low magnification might inhibit you’re eye’s ability at that range. For this magnification, the light collecting ability of the scope is excellent, and provides an exit pupil that won’t leave you hunting for a sight picture, not to mention plenty of eye relief.

The goods don’t stop there. Nikon’s fully multi-coated optics transmit up to 98% of incoming light, which means better shooting at dusk and dawn, and the price is right. This is a great scope for your Mini 14 and for the money.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

If you want to reach out and touch someone, or just pop paper at 300 yards, give the BugBuster a try. 3-9x zoom means seeing your target when other scopes can’t. A big drawback on this scope is the optic size. The 32mm objective is plenty for daytime shooting, but at higher magnifications and fading light conditions, the image is going to darken noticeably.

Still, for the price, the BugBuster is a fantastic scope if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. It has a lighted reticule to make up for the dimmer picture, is easily adjustable, and it’ll hold zero. The rugged housing is built tough for any ranch gun. A good piece of glass to top your Mini 14 with.

Bushnell Trophy Multi Red/Green Dot Reticle Riflescope

If magnification isn’t an issue for you, and let’s be honest, on a ranch rifle it typically isn’t, then you can get a red dot rifle scope to give you a wide field of view and a very fast time on target. More precise than iron sights, incredibly rugged, and features Bushnell’s high efficiency red dot system that gives long battery life from a tiny button battery. The amber coating also works to increase contrast in your sight picture.

Of course, if you want to punch paper targets, you’ll have to do it unmagnified. Not to mention, if you want a red dot scope, there are other options out there that are easier on the pocketbook. But if you want a high quality, well constructed red dot scope, this is definitely something you want to look at before making a purchase.

Monstrum Tactical 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

The Monstrum tactical scope is probably the best buy for a Mini 14. This humble scope comes with a low price tag, a lighted reticule, and everything you could want from a 3-9x scope, including a bright primary optic.

The biggest feature on this scope is probably the range-finder reticle, as any 223 is going to suffer from a lot of bullet drop, especially at longer ranges, and being precise with your holdover will mean the difference between hitting the target, and missing that pesky fox that keeps eating your chickens.

If pest control and varmint hunting are on the menu, the Monstrum delivers a quality scope experience. It doesn’t have the best glass. It doesn’t have the prettiest construction. It’s also not the cheapest scope out there. But when it comes to combining a lot of good features in one rifle scope, Monstrum hits the target.