Best Recoil Pads

You’ve just finished a long day of target practice, and you’re starting to feel pain in your shoulder and chest. Depending on what you’re shooting, a recoil bad might be more of a necessity than a comfort option. Learn more about the best recoil pads that’ll keep you enjoying the sport of shooting forever.

best recoil pads

LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad

Gunowners with a six-position adjustable stock can rely on the LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad for mitigating the blowback generated by their hefty firearms. Easily snapping onto most six-position adjustable stocks, this excellent option can reduce felt recoil by up to 60 percent, ensuring that your day on the range doesn’t have to be cut short by a sore shoulder or back. The reduced muzzle jump you’ll experience through this product also helps bolster your accuracy, and gunowners will be pleased to realize it helps them with faster target re-acquisition, too.

This option is crafted from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM material, explicitly designed to mitigate as much force as possible. The no-slip surface of this recoil pad also ensures that it’s a great option even in wet conditions, so don’t expect a little rain or mud to diminish your capacity to enjoy your firearm anymore. With vibrations and overall blowback reduced to the bare minimum through this product, gunowners will soon find themselves pleased with this firm-based pad that’s tailor-made for most carbine stocks.

Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pad

Gunowners in pursuit of a gel-based recoil pad can look no further, as Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pad is an affordable, effective option for reducing vibrations and diminishing kickback. This immensely affordable option is relied upon as a starter recoil pad by gunowners everywhere, with its visco elastic gel easily absorbing the immense energy generated from the boisterous blast of even the biggest guns. Designed with a one-size-fits-all approach in mind, this excellent recoil pad is immensely versatile and fits a wider range of stocks than most leading alternatives in the market.

No tools nor gun modifications are needed for this handy recoil pad to work; simply slipping it off your current firearm and onto the next is the only thing you have to do. With its three mini-cell pads being easily added or removed to adjust energy absorption, it’s also great for gunowners who have a large collection of firearms that vary in terms of the energy they put out. With the butt end of the pads being made from a high surface tension material, gunowners also don’t have to concern themselves with slippage when using this option.

Pachmayr F325 Field Recoil Pad

Excellent for the owners of classic shotguns or rifles, this field recoil pad comes in an admirable brown color with a sharp black base that gives it a vintage style. It’s also one of the more affordable and fairly priced recoil pads available on the market. The stippled face ensures that this is a no-slip product, too, with its field style face enabling quick mounting regardless of the conditions the gunowner finds themselves in. A true field pad, this product was designed for the great outdoors and would be a fantastic fit for hunters who are looking for a recoil pad that doesn’t collide with the style nor camouflage of their weapons.

TOURBON Genuine Leather Gun Buttstock Extension Slip On Recoil Pad

This genuine leather option’s sleek style is unparalleled, with its built-in thick Neoprene and two extra removable padding options guaranteeing that you won’t feel the harsh blowback from even the fiercest of shotguns. Coming in a number of sizes, this option generally goes for a good price, with its long-lasting nature ensured by the rugged durability of the natural leather used in its construction. An excellent vintage option for gunowners who want to avoid the modern largesse of gel or silicon-based options, this antique leather gun buttstock option harkens back to the honest days of the old west.

Genuine Quality Recoil Pads

Shooting is a sport that you don’t always see people on the range warming up for. Stretching before shooting is always advised, no matter your age or athletic ability. Using a recoil pad will help you reduce the chance of damage to your joints and help you enjoy the sport for many years to come.