The Best Appendix Carry Holsters

Appendix carrying a carry pistol isn’t for everyone but for those that love to appendix carry, you need to have a comfortable holster. Not only that, but you need the best appendix carry holster in terms of comfort and performance so that you’ll be able to draw quickly if your life depends on it.

best appendix carry holster

Our experts chose the following as the best appendix carry holsters:

BLACKHAWK Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible Carry Inside the Pants Holster

If you’re going to carry a concealed firearm in an appendix holster, you can’t compromise on quality or safety.  An appendix carry holster gives you unparalleled retention and draw speed, but it also keeps a loaded condition 1 firearm pointed at some pretty sensitive real estate.  With what’s at stake, it may make sense to go out and buy the most expensive appendix carry holster on the market.

It might sound crazy, but one of the most affordable holsters available may also be the best appendix carry holster on the market.  The BLACKHAWK Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible Carry holster is a fan favorite because it stays snugly in place and forces your weapon to ride high.  The pistol placement supported by this holster makes it easier to grab the grip of the gun and quickly draw it at a natural firing angle.  The holster’s molded features cling to the pistol and make this a best-in-class hostler when it comes to retention.

The holster’s ability to support left handed shooters also makes this a unique holster in a market that typically treats south-paws like second class citizens.  For the bigger shooters among us, the BLACKHAWK can be offset to the 2 o’clock position to be comfortably worn inside the pants.

CrossBreed Holsters – Appendix Carry (IWB) Holster

Looking to enjoy the comfort that comes with a well-designed appendix carry holster while resting assured that it will retain your weapon in place?  The CrossBreed IWB holster is something you need to consider.  These holsters are molded to your specific model of firearm, so there is never a doubt that it will snugly fit your pistol, keep it in place, and allow you to present it quickly and efficiently.  Unlike competing products, the CrossBreed line of holsters is for right-handed shooters only.  By shying away from a reversible option, CrossBreed delivers hard-to-beat stability.

Urban Carry Holster G2 Appendix Carry

Looking for an appendix carry holster that maximizes comfort of wear with genuine leather construction?  How about a holster that is designed to accommodate your rail or grip mounted laser system?  Finding a perfect IWB holster that fits a well-equipped pistol and does so without sacrificing comfort of wear can be challenging, but the Urban Carry G2 is one of the few holsters that pulls it off.  As an added advantage, this holster is certified compliant with Viridian’s Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) system.  If you equip your pistol with a Viridian sight, you can engage the ECR feature and it will turn the laser system on the moment the pistol is drawn from the holster.

The size of the holster makes it a breeze to wear and makes it ideal when you are wearing heavier clothing.

StealthGearUSA SG-REVOLUTION Appendix Holster

Interested in a pistol-specific appendix carry holster that minimizes printing for unrivaled concealability?  If so, consider the StealthGearUSA SG REVOLUTION.  The 100% made in America holster is one of the few holsters offered that is made with highly breathable materials that wick away moisture to reduce wear-and-tear on your gun and keep you dry.  The holster is incredibly lightweight and is made of a polymer that holds up to punishment like few other holsters.

A few things set this holster apart from other holsters in the market.  First, the holster places a pebbled surface in contact with the firearm.  This soft surface decreases drag by about 50% and makes effortless draws easier than ever before.  Second, the holsters are pistol specific.  Each holster is custom molded to the individual firearm and grip clearance is inspected to allow for confident control of your weapon.  The holster produces an audible snapping sound when your pistol is mounted to keep you confident that retention will not be a factor.