The Best Shooting Gloves – Reviews and Recommendations

A good pair of shooting gloves can help with your accuracy. How? Well, for starters, they help make sure that you always have a good grip on the gun, whether that’s an AR-15 or a handgun.

best shooting gloves

If recoil has your hands hurting, then shooting gloves can definitely help as well since the gun will stay more secure in your hands with gloves on.

So we’ve gone through a few pairs of shooting gloves and we think we’ve found the best shooting gloves for your money, period. Let’s take a look at our top picks below:

5.11 Tac A2 Gloves

Made out of high-quality synthetic leather, these tactical gloves from 5.11 are incredibly lightweight and easy to dry.

For easier fine handling of your gun’s trigger, there are specialized precision-enhanced fingertips. The palm of the glove is reinforced with synthetic leather suede for better grip and overall weapon handling.

To provide you with additional comfort the back panel was made to enable the free flow of air, thus preventing your hands from excessive sweating.


  • Tactical Touch TM for fingertips
  • Breathable stretch back panel
  • Lightweight


  • There may be some seams popping out after a prolonged use

Hatch Elite Winter Specialist Shooting Gloves

Featuring a 100% nylon back with a goatskin palm, this Specialist Glove looks as though it came straight out of a recent hitman game. It’s delicately designed to be both elegant and efficient, and it possesses great durability features.

Ensuring your hands are always warm and comfy, there is an additional thermolite lining optimal for maintaining the temperature.

The gripping part of the glove was made to be anti-slippery and provides a solid grip, whatever weapon you are using. Also, there is a snug wrist cuff keeping the cold air outside.


  • Warmth-enhancing thermolite lining
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Non-skid feature


  • They’re not waterproof

 BLACKHAWK! Men’s Cool Weather Shooting Gloves

These BLACKHAWK leather gloves are one of the most stylish and comfortable models on the market, as they are made to be ergonomically optimal for maximized dexterity.

These gloves will follow the contour of your hand because they have a special stretch shell, enabling a perfect fit every time.

The interior is made out of a plush piece, offering a smooth and comfy wear, even with some pretty rugged conditions outside.

On top of it all, they are also cut resistant thanks to the SpectraGuard liner that is sewn in their basic design.


  • Integrated plush piece for warmth
  • Cut-resistant glove liner
  • Extended cuff for keeping the cold out


  • The inside seams may irritate people with sensitive skin

 Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves

Carrying some great camouflage properties, these gloves from Outdoor Research have a pattern resembling a wild cat’s pelt, making them perfect for hunting excursions.

They are incredibly spacious and breathable, providing you with excellent ventilation and preventing your hand from excessive sweating.

To ensure you are able to handle your weapon with confidence, there are anti-slip silicone pads, as well as the pull on loop.

The shape is also made to be slightly curved and to adapt to your hand to the best extent.


  • Lightweight and easily dried
  • Anti-slip silicone pads
  • Pre-curved construction


  • Can be a bit tight around the wrist for some users

 Huntsworth Insulated Classic Cold Weather Hunting Glove

Coming from Huntsworth, one of the leading manufacturers of hunting gear, these practical insulated gloves are a perfect solution for a passionate hunter.

The special kind of polyester used as the main material for these gloves, provides great airflow properties, enabling your skin to breathe on one side, and preventing the wind from freezing your hands on the other.

It also has protective additions for your fingers, enhancing the accuracy and confidence in your trigger release.


  • The Fleece Membrane
  • Windproof and breathable
  • Scent control


  • They are fairly bulky so zipping and buttoning may represent a problem

Mechanix Tactical Shooting Gloves

Coming from a great glove brand like Mechanix, these gloves they made specifically for shooting certainly fit the bill as one of the best shooting gloves available.

They’re form fitting, comfortable and they have technology built in to keep your hands cool. I know a couple of cops that use these gloves and they love them.

For under $20, these shooting gloves are built like a tank and worthy of your hard earned money. Get yourself  a pair for the lowest price on Amazon.