Best Shooting Targets

If you’re not able to accurately and easily measure your shooting success, what’s the use of practicing anyway? Stop using cardboard targets, and read this article to learn more about the importance of using a high-quality target. With the best shooting targets downrange, you’ll be able to accurately track every bullet.

best shooting targets

Splatterburst Targets 12’x18’ Silhouette Splatter Target

Perhaps the most popular shooting target in the world right now, Splatterburst Targets’ 12’x18’ Silhouette Splatter Target is championed by gun owners of all stripes because of its low-cost, simplicity, and vibrant coloring which makes detecting hits a breeze. Including the classic dark silhouette of a sinister figure, this target is an excellent option for shooters who are looking for something simple and reliable. Shots burst into a bright, fluorescent yellow upon impact, guaranteeing that you can keep track of your accuracy despite long distances, inclement weather, or annoying range-buddies.

Available for a low price, this option is highly lauded for its reliable nature and consistent excellence. When you work with Splatterbutst Targets, you know what you’re getting before you buy it. Perhaps the ultimate target for those seeking high visibility and a product that’s proudly made in the USA, any gunowner would be hard-pressed to find a superior shooting target regardless of their firearm of choice.

Splatterburst Targets 12’x18’ Sight In Splatter Target

Despite the fact that many gun owners proudly defend their lives and properties with the help of their firearms, some shooters are looking for a more neutral target devoid of humanoid entities. Splatterburst Targets remains popular around the world because it knows that diversity is the key to success, and offers options like the 12’x18’ Sigh In Splatter Target that features a more objective grid as a target instead of a person or animal silhouette. For shooters who want total simplicity to the point where they don’t even need to imagine an enemy but can instead pride themselves on filling in the boxes of a small grid with bullets, this option rings to be truly affordable.

ShootingTargets7 AR500 Steel Targets

Some gun owners enjoy heading to the range to shoot some holes into paper-thin targets, but others need to deliver a real wallop on the range to derive any satisfaction from shooting. For that, ShootingTarget7s AR500 Steel Targets option is unrivaled, as the laser-cut USA steel the company relies upon is perfect for just about any shooter. Proudly produced by a veteran owned and operated company, these steel targets can be purchased individually or as an entire gallery, with a full price, you get a pretty impressive display.

Crisp, clean laser cuts ensure that you’re receiving only the best when you invest in these steel targets, and those who haven’t yet hit steel when shooting don’t know what they’re missing out on when they pick up a paper target. With proper care, this product will last a lifetime, literally vaporizing bullets as they come into contact with its sheer and solid surface.

B27-IMZ Human Silhouette

Sometimes, a little bit of realism can make all the difference in the world. Enter the B27-IMZ Human Silhouette paper shooting target, which comes replete with bone structures for you to aim at when enjoying a day at the range. Priced at $35.00, this option is one of the most realistic available on the market today, indicating with staggering accuracy the location of the bones and vital targets you need to hit when defending yourself with a firearm.

If steel targets were designed for the squeamish gunowner, this option was designed for the calculating shooter who needs to make his or her shot count. Specifically designed with self-defense and tactical training in mind, this option is excellent for those who are serious about security and want to make an impression at the range. Produced with a bright, high-density ink, this product is also proudly made in the USA and is an essential pickup for anyone looking to brush up on their anatomy. To really deter home-invaders, all you’ll need to do is hang this target up outside your house after a successful day of precision shooting.

Using The Best Shooting Targets

With new technology that can light-up your bullet patterns in neon or anatomically correct targets, you’ll be able to notice the difference between a good and bad shot pattern instantly. Don’t be bogged down by low-quality homemade practice targets!