The Best Shoulder Holster

Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters just aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer a shoulder holster instead, then you need to keep on reading.

Some benefits of shoulder holsters include the ability to not have to wear pants that are a size bigger to accommodate a more traditional gun holster.

Also, most shoulder holster concealed carriers actually feel more comfortable with their carry pistol under their arm rather than on their hip.

Another huge plus? You can carry a full size pistol very easily and comfortably with a shoulder holster.

best shoulder holster

The unfortunate drawback to a shoulder holster is that you can’t really conceal and carry a handgun unless you’re wearing a jacket or coat.

Most of our experts at Gun Laser Guide actually switch off between IWB holsters, ankle holsters and shoulder holsters. This is especially true during the wintertime when the season allows for a shoulder holster style of carry underneath a coat or jacket.

So without further delay, here are the best shoulder holsters chosen by our experts below:

Linixu Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

Definitely not the first picture that pops in your head for a shoulder holster, but interesting all the same. The holster is designed for smaller pistols like 380s and .38s, but it will fit a larger firearm with a little effort.

The most effective feature of this holster is the ability it has to distribute weight evenly, due to the wide strap profile. It’s also effective at hiding your weapon without printing, but again, this will depend on the size of the weapon, and the exact placement of the strap.

Moving the firearm will reduce printing, allowing you to maximize the ability to hide it. The velcro strap doesn’t look sturdy, but it doesn’t really need to hold much weight, as the strap holster can hold it up.

The main purpose of the over-the-shoulder strap is to ensure that it doesn’t start to drift downward while moving around.

At this price point, this is a great shoulder holster for the money, even if it looks a little weird.

Under Control Tactical Shoulder Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

Under Control Tactical offers this sturdy solution for concealing larger pistols, like a full-size Glock or a 1911.

It offers a universal fit system for just about any pistol on the market. Constructed from rugged nylon and built to last a lifetime.

Everything is fully adjustable for a custom fit, and the price simply can’t be beat. The shoulder pads are padded for comfort, but not so bulky that they show through your jacket.

Opposite your weapon is a double mag pouch with a big 1-1/2 inch Velcro strap over each magazine. There is even a little pouch for your flashlight. The holster is in a vertical configuration, making heavier weapons no problem to carry. It’s a great holster that’s an absolute steal at this price.

U.S. Military-Issue Standard Shoulder Holster

When you are looking for a standard leather holster, go with one that’s been battle tested for carrying your 1911 or other full-frame pistol. Nothing fancy here. One strap goes over your shoulder, and the other across your chest, linking together as they keep your weapon right where you want it.

The holster includes a belt clip to keep everything vertical, and it’s constructed from sturdy cowhide, stamped with “U.S.” on the front. The harness is completely adjustable, and the design is the opposite of bulky. You could strap a mag pouch or two onto the chest strap, but it doesn’t come with one standard.

The leather is stiff, so some leather conditioner and oil will come in handy to soften it up, so it doesn’t leave any kind of rash. It might take a breaking in period for most folks but it’s a very good buy at under $40 for a genuine leather shoulder holster.

Galco Vertical Shoulder Holster System

If you have a full sized pistol to tote around, and you want the very best, then make sure to check out this wonderful product from Galco, a company that manufactures holsters for military, law enforcement, and many private citizens.

Designed for a full-size 1911, anything longer than a 5-inch Colt isn’t going to fit without being liberal with a pair of heavy duty scissors. It also won’t play nicely with weapon lights or fancy sighting systems. But for a standard setup on a weapon with a 1911 profile, it will work great. They offer other holsters for different weapons. Galco reproduces the most traditional of concealment designs very colorfully, and with top quality materials.

The price reflects that fact, but when you want the best in quality and design, as well as a historic aesthetic, then the extra money is well spent. Trust us, you’re gonna love this one.