Best Stun Gun

Looking for a light, inexpensive way to stop an attacker? While a stun gun isn’t the be-all-end-all for stopping an attacker in their tracks, its much better than nothing. Learn more about the best stun gun for packing a painful punch.

best stun gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

This VIPERTEK VTS-989 heavy duty stun gun packs a powerful electrical punch and comes equipped with a LED flashlight, all for the convenient price of just $18.99. Small, easily portable, and immensely easy to hide or stow away when the need arises, this stun gun is favored for personal defense around the world because it’s light and incredibly easy to use while still remaining threatening to potential muggers. Shock plates on the side of the unit guarantee that any assailants who try and snatch this stun gun away from you will only end up having a bad day, and its ultra-sharp electrodes help it pierce through even the thickest clothing during winter months.

It’s 6.5’ x 2’ x 1’ frame makes it excellent for storing in your purse or even in the interior of some coat pockets, though caution is always advised when using a stun gun as powerful as this handy gadget. Coming with a lifetime warranty, this VIPERTEK option is popular among first-time buyers of stun guns because it doesn’t break the bank and provides an effective zapping capacity without going overboard.

Police 519 Max Voltage Stun Gun

For those who are looking for an easily rechargeable option that’s ergonomically and powerful at the same time comes the Police 519 max voltage stun gun. Priced at $24.73, this option enables users to dig their knuckles into a maximum voltage stun gun that will wallop any unwanted assailants with a fierce electrical shock. Designed to defend, this easy-to-use option is as simple to use as putting it in your hand and swinging away after its safety features have been disabled. Simply squeezing this option can be enough to ignite its electricity in panic mode, enabling you to quickly and effectively defend your life and property from any would-be intruders.

Coming with a bright LED flashlight, this stun gun also helps you scare away assailants before having to get up close and personal. It’s easy to use and rechargeable, simply needing its accompanying cord to be plugged in, and the free carrying case that it comes with helps you safely stow it when you’re not at risk. The lifetime warranty and immensely ergonomic and compact nature of this stun gun makes it the perfect fit for someone who wants protection in the palm of their hand.

Taser Pulse with LED Laser and Holster

This classic stun gun option is perfect for those looking for a vintage style self-defense weapon that’s virtually unparalleled in its capacity to deliver electrical mayhem. At $292.99, this powerful Taser Pulse option comes from a brand that helped make stun guns renown around the world, guaranteeing you a reliable self-defense weapon at a price worthy of its immense quality and sleek design. A lithium powered magazine serves as the battery pack to this excellent stun gun, and the accompanying holster guarantees you’ll be able to easily fit it onto your outfit as you go about your business in the world.

The LED laser sight that’s included with this Taser Pulse option makes aiming easy even for those who are nervous about potentially finding themselves under assault. Coming with 2 live cartridges, this option isn’t meant for play but only for serious self-defense by those committed to responsibly wielding powerful stun guns. The trusted Taser Pulse brand comes with unrivaled reviews, and is frequently relied upon by law enforcement officials around the world. The expensive price tag on this option is well worth it for those consumers who demand only the absolute best around when it comes to ensuring their safety and staying up to date with the latest in stun gun technology.

Best Stun Guns For Defense

Stun guns can really pack a punch. While smaller stun guns aren’t as effective as pepper spray when deterring an attacker, it’s a great tool for surprising an attacker with with a high-voltage shock.