Best Trigger Locks

When handling a firearm, especially in the home, trigger locks are a no-brainer for ensuring the safety of you and your family. Trigger locks trap the trigger from being squeezed so that your firearm can only be live at the hand of the keyholder. Learn more about best practices for trigger locks.

best trigger locks

Master Lock No. 90TRISPT Keyed Trigger Locks

Composed of a super-tough steel and zinc body, Master Lock’s Keyed Trigger Locks are incredibly popular on the market right now because of their affordability, rugged durability, and simple features that make them easy to use but tough to crack. With a 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism, this pack of keyed trigger locks will keep your firearm secure come hell or highwater. Three trigger locks are included for the affordable price of $31.79, though a 2 lock option is also available. These locks come equipped with two master keys, either of which can open all three, meaning you have a handy backup in case one accidentally goes missing.

Useful for handguns, shotguns, and rifles alike, this durable option has a tiny shipping weight of 1.4 pounds, ensuring it will get to your front door quickly.  For gunowners who want a matching set of locks and keys, this option is ideal and very competitively priced.

IDENTILOCK Quick Release Digital Gun Trigger Fingerprint Safety Lock

For gunowners who demand nothing but the best in the pursuit of firearm security comes IDENTILOCK’s Quick Release Digital Gun Trigger Fingerprint Safety Lock, which cleverly scans your hand before opening to reveal the enticing contents within. Available for $199.00, this option is incredibly high-tech and reliable, featuring a quick release in just .3 seconds. Though some gunowners lament modern technology, the nifty fingerprint scanner that’s essential to the high-tech nature of this trigger lock can hold up to three different fingerprint sets at once, making it a great family purchase.

The ultra-tough construction of this lock resist brute force attempts to crack it, with a built-in mechanical override ensuring that even persevering thieves won’t be able to make off with your treasured firearm. A master user profile option helps the primary owner of this safe disable other users if needed, too, making it incredibly secure despite the fact that three different fingerprint identities can access it if desired. Made with shape metal alloy originally developed by NASA, this enticing option commands a high price because clever gunowners understand that quality counts.

Trigger Lock 3-Digit Combination Gun Lock 5 Pack

Some gunowners don’t want to have to rely on fingerprint technology to get their hands on their piece, and others are justifiably afraid that they’ll lose keys when using locks that require them. Luckily, some things simply never go out of style, and a simple 3-digit combination gun lock can help you keep your firearm secure without having to rely on either keys or fancy (and expensive) technology. Available for a mere $37.99, this 5 pack of 3-digit combination gun locks is handily pre-set at 0-0-0 and is easily reset upon purchase.

This option is fit for most pistols and can go well with many shotguns and even BB guns. Protective rubber padding also means that gunowners don’t have to worry that their treasured firearms are getting scratched by adding this lock to their trigger guards.

Set of 5 Keyed Alike Trigger Gun Locks – Universal

Sometimes, safety is about nothing more than simplicity and universality, which is where this handy set of 5 Keyed Alike Trigger Gun Locks steps in. Fitting universally onto handguns, shotguns, and rifles, these immensely flexible trigger locks are excellent for gunowners with a diverse collection who are looking for affordability alongside of reliability. With 2 keys included, these keyed alike locks are easy to put onto your guns but come off with the keys without making too big of a fuss. Available for $25.99, this 5-lock set provides some serious bang for your buck and will help you sleep soundly at night, confident that your guns aren’t firing without your pulling of the trigger.

Audit Your Firearm Safety

How easy is it for someone to get access to the firearms in your home? If you have a safe, with the code written somewhere, what is the possibility of your firearms falling into the wrong hands? By auditing firearm safety and access, you’ll know where your weak points are and what you can do to fix them. Trigger locks are a great way ensuring your safety.