The 4 Best Reloading Benches for Reloading Your Own Ammo

Have you been doing your own hand loads on the kitchen table again? We hope not!

Having a good quality reloading bench is important because it will help you to reload even faster and it will also help keep you organized with things like powder, casings and lead.

best reloading bench

Plus, your new reloading bench should make your awesome new reloading press look even better, right?

So with that said, let’s get on to our expert picks for the best reloading benches out there now.

1. Lee Precision Reloading Stand

If you don’t have a lot of room in your house for a bulky reloading setup, this might be the perfect solution for you. It’s small, sturdy, and will hold your Lee reloading press without any modification. A handy tray attached to the top gives you a bin to work with, to keep you from balancing a box in your lap or reaching into a bucket on the floor.

For me, this setup is going to be very crowded. Depending on what kind of press you have, and which accessories, you will probably find yourself drilling some holes to mount more accessories. There’s no room for a case trimmer, which is annoying, so you’ll have to reserve that task for the kitchen table. It does serve a purpose, but this isn’t the best solution for everyone. In a crowded house or a small space though, it really shines, and it’s quite portable.

Plus, they’ve got a really good price on it at Amazon right now.

2. Platinum Series Reloading Stand

I took one look at this bench and thought it wouldn’t be sturdy enough for my Rock Chucker, but it’s surprisingly strong. The interesting looking tripod leg design is perfect for adding stability, but not always where needed. Personally, I would prefer another support directly where you would mount your press, as sometimes those heavy throws on a hand press can cause it to lean forward, interrupting your rhythm.

The foldable side tables give you plenty of room for a portable setup, and when you finish, you can stuff it into a small closet. If you don’t have a designated reloading area, it’s a super functional space to work on, with plenty of table room for extra dies, trimmer, electric powder measure, and other accessories.

My suggestion would be to mount some kind of permanent stud to a wall where you do your reloading work, and attach the stand to it when you are resizing heavier rifle cases or depriming, just to keep things from leaning. Overall, a portable, quality bench for a good price.

3. Stack-On Steel Reloading Workbench with Back Wall

A solid 1 inch thick wooden top over a steel frame, and includes a perf-board wall at the back. This bench is all business and provides both working space and storage room for the serious reloader. Just add a bucket for your scrapped brass and you are ready to work.

A steel drawer is perfect for storing odds and ends, like your hand-priming tool. The shelves beneath are a great place to keep your bullet boxes and reloading handbooks out of the way while you are working. I’m a huge fan of perforated board. When you want to save desk space, hang everything up to get it out of the way. There’s enough room on the floor shelf to tuck away your case polisher.

My biggest gripe with this bench is leg room. While the low shelves are great for storage, they are hell on the knees when you’re working. The meditative flow of cranking out bullets, for this writer, requires a comfortable environment, and that means a good stool and the ability to put my legs wherever I like while working. Everyone is different, but if you prefer working with your knees under the bench, this might not be the perfect solution. Of course, you could always assemble it without the middle shelf, but that would also compromise some of the strength.

Still, this is a great reloading bench for the money.

4. NewAge Products Workbench with Bamboo Work Top and Power Bar

This is what I call a work bench. It has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds, an extremely sturdy bamboo top that might even dull your drill bits a little while punching the mounting holes for your press. Along the back, a steel tray runs the length of the bench.

Tons of room to work, and as for shelving, just stack it on top with the extra space. The feet are level adjustable so no need to worry about a wobbly table.

If you decide to bolt it to a wall, this could quite possibly be the best bench ever for crafting those finely tuned rifle rounds, or just churning out pistol range fodder. And, of course, all the leg room you could ever want.

This isn’t just a perfect bench for reloading, you can set up all of your gun-smithing tools, like a vice. It even comes with a six-outlet power strip built in. Really, what else could you need. For all of this strength, you pay a price, but short of building your own custom table, it’s well worth the cost and built to last a lifetime.