The 5 Best Compass Watches On Planet Earth

Looking for a good compass watch? Not all are created equal and good ones that won’t quit on you aren’t easy to find. Whether you’re a survivalist, a hiker or an outdoorsman (or woman), we think we’ve found the top 5 best compass watches money can buy in this post.

best compass watch

Here are our picks for the best compass watch:

1. Survival Watch V3

Not just a compass watch, a survival watch. With survival bracelets becoming so popular, it was only a matter of time before the paracord bracelet became the new preferred watchband of so many survival experts, woodsman, or anyone who likes to accessorize their look with useful stuff, like 12 feet of 550 cord wrapped around their wrist.

The watch itself is water resistant for up to 5 atmospheres and can be submerged for 15 minutes. It comes with watch compass, whistle, and even a fire starter. it’s so more than a compass watch, it’s a tiny survival kit that you can wear on your wrist.

Just take a look at the low price and then look at the stellar reviews on Amazon.

2. Casio Men’s SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch

A quality watch from a quality watchmaker at an affordable price. All of the features on this one are digital, and even with the heavy list, the expected battery life is up to 3 years. It comes with all the normal features, like a stopwatch, auto calendar, and alarms. The temperature range runs from 14 to 140 Fahrenheit, and it’s all digital for easy reading of the display. Comes with graphic direction pointer, bearing sensor correction, magnetic declination correction, and a feature that lets you turn off the button tones, for those times when you are trying to be silent.

It’s tough, long lasting, and for a digital watch, will actually look pretty good on your wrist.

3. Timex Men’s Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

A very sharp looking watch from Timex with great features, and a timeless form. Powered by quartz movement, this watch is water resistant to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling, though be warned, this isn’t a dive watch.

The 45mm black ion-plated case is constructed from steel, and the band from silicone, for extreme long life. You are going to pay a premium for it, but it’s well worth the investment. The magnetic compass is built right into the face, without impairing your ability to read the time off the dial.

The whole design is sleek and stylish, so you won’t look out of place during a business meeting, but you will always have a compass right on your wrist. Oh, and it’s a steal right now on Amazon too.

4. Pyle Digital Multifunction Sports Watch

Feature rich with digital age styling, and at a decent price. The overall look of the watch is very modern, with a huge digital display that includes the time, day of the week and calendar. The back-light is interesting in itself. The pre-programmed calendar runs on internal memory, with 34 hour data recall for altitude, temperature, and sea level pressure. Comes with a built in timer, and even a weather forecaster to make use of all the data it’s collecting.

The watch functions from 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The compass is big and easy to read, and has it’s own display, which still also shows the time. You can, in fact, program it to keep the display you like best on the screen at all times, and change it whenever you want. It’s lightweight, too. Definitely not a bad way to spend your money.

5. Casio Men’s SGW500H-1BV Analog / Digital Sport Watch

A mix of style and usability, form and function. The dial is a typical old fashioned style with clock hands, while a digital display at the bottom gives you access to all the bonus features. Blue highlights contrast the black resin exterior, and the watch is sealed well for bad weather.

It’s water resistant up to 100 meters, and fine for swimming and snorkeling, without worries of fogging up the crystal. Comes with a digital compass and needle indicator, thermometer, world time, sunrise and sunset based on the internal calendar, LED light with afterglow, five daily alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, and either 12/24 hour format on the digital readout.

The quartz movement will keep you in pace with your activities, and nobody will ever mistake it for a “survival watch,” even if it fills the purpose quite well. For the price, it’s a ridiculous value.