The 5 Best Cross Draw Holsters That’ll Make You Feel Like Wild Bill

Everybody knows the most famous cross draw holster practitioner in history – Wild Bill Hickok of course! If you’re in the mood for a practical cross draw holster of your own, then you’re in luck. We thoroughly researched and reviewed the best cross draw gun holsters on the market in this post.

the 5 best cross draw holsters

Let’s get down to our reviews below:

Deluxe Universal Horizontal Cross Draw Shoulder Holster

When it comes to cross draw, the easiest and fastest solution, and in this case the low cost solution, is to carry under a jacket with a shoulder holster.

This one from UTG is designed very simply. It comes with a holster, two mag pouches, and padded shoulders for comfort. Designed simply, it can be set up for either left or right handed draw. Everything snaps together using simple clips.

You can even add another holster for a dual draw setup. It’s fully adjustable, and should fit just about anyone with a simple adjustment, and will carry a full-size pistol. The pouches drop directly under the armpit for a sturdy carry location that is easy enough to conceal. If you want to cross draw on a budget, this one is for you.

AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster

Belly band holsters are a wonderful thing, designed for the ultimate combination of comfort and concealability. There is a gun pouch on either side, so no matter how you prefer to carry, there is a setup that will work for you.

The webbing is made from ventilated elastic and your weapon position won’t slide around on you. The back strap will hold your weapon securely in place, no moving about during the day, and it’s priced perfect for most people, being a low-cost option that anyone can use, whether you recently got your conceal license, or if you are simply looking for another holster to add to your collection.

Desantis Sky Cop Holster For Glock 19/26 Right Hand Black

Constructed of premium grade saddle leather, if you are looking for a Glock cross draw holster that will hold up to a lifetime of abuse, this is the right on for you, and works well for a Glock 19 or 26.

Desantis means quality, but it’s quality that you can have with out paying the extra premium for a custom holster design. Tension is adjustable, so you can make it the perfect fit for your weapon, and tighten it slightly as the leather wears in. Perfect cross-draw design in a typical belt wear holster. Rugged and designed for daily carry, you won’t have to worry about your weapon coming loose. Check out the low price on Amazon right now.

ActiveProGear Leather Driving – Crossdraw Gun Holster

Select your weapon of choice from the drop-down menu, and expect to get one of the best leather holsters on the market.

The heavy metal snaps should tell you right away that this holster means business, and for those who prefer a cross draw configuration, this is perfect.

You can sit comfortably in your car, without the need to remove your weapon. The back strap holds the pistol securely in place. No worry about it coming free at some embarrassing moment. It’s made from top quality American leather, and even though it’s a bit on the pricey side, you will get free shipping. To be honest, for a holster of this quality, it’s really a bargain.

Historical Emporium Men’s Right Hand Plain Leather Western Cross Draw Holster

Looking for a cross-draw holster for your six-shooter? Look no further. Whether it’s a Dragoon black powder pistol, or a modern revolver, this scabbard will keep it handy, safe, and stylish. The scabbard brings back a certain old-fashioned design and quality.

Simple construction, simple use, and a perfect place to house your revolver for open carry. The construction is light weight, and fits barrel lengths from four to six inches, and coming from the Historical Emporium, it will also be period specific, which may be important, depending on your purpose. The cross draw design is also highly functional, and allows easy access to your weapon.

This one is a good deal right now and you’ll be drawing like Wild Bill Hickok did.