Best Deer Feeders

Luring deer is much easier now with the development of hunting technology. Nowadays you can choose what time the deer feeder works, and for how long. Even on lower budgets, a deer feeder in your possession can help make your experience much more worthwhile. Learn more about the best deer feeders in this featured article.

best deer feeders

The Moultrie Tripod Feeder

Consistently relied upon by hunters around the world for its rugged durability and fair affordability, the Moultrie Tripod deer feeder is perfect for the modern hunter looking to get the most bang for their buck – literally. Priced reasonably, this product comes equipped with a digital timing system to give hunters as much control over their tools as possible. With up to 6 feed times every day, with each lasting from 1 to 20 seconds, the Moultrie Tripod lures in your prey without degrading over time thanks to its solid metal spin plate and funnel. Fit for pellets that are less than 0.25 inches in size, this deer feeder requires one 6-volt battery to function and comes equipped with metal feeder feet so you can instantly set it up to suit your hunting needs.

With the hopper of this feeder safely elevated, you can precisely alter its settings for precision feed-timing that will enable you to get the right shot at the right moment. Ultimately, the Moultrie Deer Feeder Elite is one of the most sought after deer feeders around because of the impressive results it generates.

The Moultrie Feed Station

Not all hunters are comfortable using a tripod-based feeding system, and given the unreliability of some products, it’s not hard to blame them. For those searching for a gravity-fed solution to their deer feeder desires comes the Moultrie Feed Station, a 40 lb capacity hopper made with UV-resistant plastic fit for almost any outdoor situation. This product’s gravity-driven trough design makes it simple and incredibly reliable, with no fancy gadgets getting in the way of business.

At an incredibly affordable price, this deer feeder is incredibly popular with frugal hunters looking for a hopper that won’t break the bank but can still get the job done. With no batteries or programming required, it can also be used by just about anyone, regardless of one’s level of expertise. The near-universality of this product coupled with its fantastic price makes it a popular starter option for hunters looking at their first deer feeder.

Wildgame Innovations Quick-Set 225 Deer Feeder

For those looking for a classic tripod design at a more affordable price comes the Wildgame Innovations Quick-Set 225 deer feeder, an admirable product with an incredibly easy set up that helps make it so popular with hunters everywhere. Priced competitively, this deer feeder takes around 15 minutes to set up and comes equipped with a mammoth 30 gallon/225 lb poly barrel design that won’t quit out on you regardless of how tough conditions get. With 4 available feed times that can be set digitally, this product gives hunters the convenience of modern technology without going overboard and becoming fragile or expensive.

The newly-designed digital power control unit makes user-interface a smooth ride for any hunter, and the entire products 36.5 lb weight gives it hefty respectability without making it too large to tow around easily. A built-in funnel helps cut down on overall feed waste, which also makes this product excellent for hunters who don’t want to leave a big impact wherever they go.

WGI Innovations W50P Pail Feeder

An excellent mid-range option for any hunter who wants a reliable deer feeder but wants to stray away from more classic designs, WGI Innovations’ W50P Pail Feeder is perfect for those looking to roam the outdoors at either dawn or dusk. The galvanized steel spinner plate makes this product rugged and reliable, and the hanging pail design makes it simple to use and versatile enough to fit in almost any environment. The real tree camouflage on the barrel of the feeder helps it seamlessly blend into most local environments, making it ideal for hunters who like their equipment to match with their own setup.

This pail feeder can be programmed for 2 feedings at 1-20 seconds each. Coming in at a solid 50lb, it functions with a 6V Photocell Power Control Unit.

Stop Feeding Varmits

A low-quality deer feeder is more susceptible to feeding those who you want to keep away from your deer. Handy features in the top-of-the-line deer feeders have better security measures for fighting against even the peskiest hungry varmints.