The Best Gun Grease: Lube Up Your Firearms with the Best Grease

Is it time to up your grease game when it comes to cleaning and lubing your firearms? No matter whether you’re lubing an AR, your handgun or your hunting rifle, you’ve got to keep things running smoothly with the right lubrication.

Not to be confused with our article about the best gun oils and solvents, grease is a little bit of a different animal. Some don’t like using grease on their firearms but we think it’s the best lubrication on certain parts of your AR (bolt carrier group) and handguns (barrel). As with all lubrication on guns, a thin layer is usually best.

best gun grease

Our experts evaluated several different gun greases on the market and came up with the best gun greases below.

Slip2000 60341 EWG Extreme Weapons Grease Lube

The best rifle or pistol in the world will not accomplish anything if it is seized up thanks to rust, water intrusion, or corrosion. Going with a discount rifle or pistol grease product is a great way to buy bargain basement protection for your world-class firearms. What distinguishes EWG Extreme Weapons Grease from the bottom-of-the-line competitors that flood the gun lubricant market? It has a patented chemical composition that keeps this grease wetter up to five times longer than a traditional lubricant. That means you’re buying five times the protection and your seals will last five times longer than they would with those cheaper alternatives. For a product that keeps the sand, dust, and dirt out of your most vital firearm parts, going with petroleum-free grease that’s guaranteed not to burn off just makes sense.

For an added value to EWG Extreme Weapons Grease, the product is guaranteed to be safe on a number of surfaces. Plastic, composites, metal, and wood are all able to be protected by a thin layer of this grease. The fact that it’s a non-hazardous and non-toxic lubricant also means that you’ve got less to worry about when keeping your health in mind.

Umbrella Corp AeroShell

Umbrella Corp’s Aeroshell 33MS is a specially designed rifle lubricant that protects AR pattern rifles in a way that few other lubricants can. Designed with the AR platform in mind, this lubricant comes in packs of two highly concentrated 0.5 ounce jars. Applied correctly, this grease coats the receiver extension assembly and barrel nut installation of the rifle and is shown to successfully prevent damage from dirt or dust intrusion, heat from rapid firing, and extreme pressure damage or stress.

The lubricant is unique in that it is one of the few lubricants available on the civilian market that meets the full MIL-SPEC requirement (MIL-G-2164D) for AR pattern rifles. It’s a fan favorite also because of the ease with which the lubricant can be applied to rifle parts. By applying a very small amount to threaded parts, whether that is the upper receiver or muzzle break, users effectively grease seal and lubricate the sensitive parts of their black rifles. The price point is also something that should give you reason to test this lubricant out. At $10.00 for two tins, it’s hard to go wrong with a lubricant that meets factory expectations and customer demands. The only drawback? The tins are so small that it’s easy to lose them. Stock up and by two to be on the safe side.

Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease

Tired of having grease residue coating your fingers and everything you were unfortunate to have touched since you’ve worked on your project guns? Mil-Comm’s TW25B grease is an obvious solution that takes the factor of accidental contamination out of the picture entirely. The tube has a threaded nozzle that doubles as an applicator to make efficient application of protective lubricants a synch. The tube is also leak-proof and will easily fit in a range bag’s pouch without creating yet another thing to worry about as you go out for a day of shooting.

Is there anything else to this American made lubricant? If you ask the users of Mil-Comm TW25B they’ll tell you that there certainly is. The lubricant is a top selling gun product worldwide and is a choice lubricant for the U.S. military for a good reason. The grease is designed to work under absurdly challenging conditions and is rated to work in temperatures that range between -90 degrees Fahrenheit to +450 degrees Fahrenheit. This grease will keep working long after you’ve given up and packed it in for the day.

The patented formula is also uniquely resistant to carbon or lead buildup. If you’re shooting surplus milspec ammunition, like much of what you can find from Wolf Ammunition, the lubricant’s ability to shed both lead and copper buildup will be something you’ll come to value if you want to keep your rifles in working order for any appreciable period of time. If you’ve got a piece that’s more of a safe-queen, this is an exceptional long-term preservation lubricant. Applying a thin layer to a weapon’s surface will let it sit on the shelf for years without looking worse for the wear. Another fully non-toxic lubricant, TW25B is something you need to consider as a real competitor for your pistol or shotgun lubricant of choice.

Is it Worth Buying Premium Gun Grease?

Some people may be put off by the cost of some of these gun greases. You might be wondering if they’re actually worth the money or not.

Let me put it this way, you could lubricate your guns with a tube grease like this and chances are that you won’t have any problems. Hell, you could also oil them up with olive oil and your guns will still probably work but the question is – for how long?

Here’s our advice, buy the best grease you can afford with good reviews for all of your guns. Don’t even think twice about the money if you’re buying gun grease for your carry pistol or your duty rifle, etc. It’s definitely worth the money to know that your firearm will function when you need it most.