The Best Tactical Gear

Sure, if you’ve been reading our posts long enough, you know that we’ve sprinkled in posts about tactical gear before. Take for example our post on tactical backpacks or the one about the best tactical knives and how about the all important tactical flashlight.

the best tactical gear

This post is going to be a little bit different. That’s because we’re focusing on the best tactical gear, that is, the best tactical stuff in each major product category.

So with that said, let’s get on with our picks for the best tactical gear:

Tactical Knives: SOG FF25-CP Escape Knife

Every good bit of tactical kit starts with a sharp knife crafted from solid steel. The drop point on this blade from SOG is closer to a spear point, so as long as you maintain it, it can be used in an emergency for piercing just about any kind of material.

A hardened glass breaker fits neatly into the design without standing out for everyone to see. The clip is deep and functional. The seat-belt cutter has the ability to swap out the razor if you decide to dull it cutting paracord. And when I talk about steel, the blade is crafted with 9Cr19MoV which is a good all-around steel that won’t degrade easily, but is still plenty hard enough to keep an edge.

The scales are cut from aluminum, and have grip inserts, which could also be replaced and customized if you want to put in the work. Several holes serve as lanyard attach points, and the blade is partially serrated for sawing cord.

For under $50 right now, this tactical knife is a steal.

Tactical Gloves: Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam M-Pact

These gloves from Mechanix offer grip in all the right places, with raised plastic rubber for knuckle guards and crush protection on the fingers. Your pointer finger will still have some mobility, because it isn’t coated with such a pad, but the simple fact is, if you want really tough gloves, lack of mobility is always going to be and issue.

Lucky for you these serve well enough, the grip is great, and you have stripped patterns cut into the thumb and first finger for extra feel and dexterity. These tactical gloves are worth every single penny that you pay for them.

Tactical Flashlight: Elite Tactical Pro 500 Series Tactical Flashlight

Bright, reliable, and sturdy. When you want a tactical flashlight, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about water or shock damaging it. It should have a simple design, and it should be bright. This lamp puts off 1000 lumens, and the lens make ensures a bright directed beam coupled with area spread for a good combination of illumination for various jobs.

The rest of this kit comes with the usual 18650 charger, triple AAA battery converter, car charger, USB charger, wall plug, etc. Not the highest grade of ancillary equipment, but enough to get the job done. Check out the reviews for this tactical flashlight here.

Tactical Vest: UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

The heavy stretched webbing on the back isn’t MOLLE, but it’s definitely compatible. The pouch is lined out with the usual stuff in the usual places. Radio pouch, magazine holsters, weapons holster for a medium frame pistol, comes with an extra double mag pouch that can strap directly to the holster on the left.

Emergency kit pouch/ID pouch lined with 6 shell holders, good as backup for the shotty or your favorite pens, two large pouches for flashlight or other gear on the right. The back is constructed from a solid mesh material that provides breathability, and two more pouches on the belt.

The inside contains mesh map pockets, and on your hips there are two more big pockets. Everything you could want in a sturdy vest, including a hydration pocket.

Tactical Backpack: First Tactical Tactix Backpack

If you are looking for a big 3 day pack or bug-out bag, this one has all the right features. The webbing isn’t mil-spec, but works well for attaching all the MOLLE accessories that you could want, and the webbing is everywhere. Multiple pockets add up to 40.5 liters of cargo space, divided into 12 internal pockets and 7 on the outside. Compression straps will keep everything where it needs to be, putting the center of mass as close to your body as possible, no matter what the load.

Multiple loops provide attachment points for anything on a carabiner. The pack is constructed of 500D and 1000D water resistant nylon for excellent protection against the elements. For the money, it’s probably the best you could do in tactical backpacks.