Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kits

There might be millions of gun owners out there, but how many would you say keep their guns in tip-top shape? There’s nothing worse than a gun malfunction from a dirty gun. In this article, you’ll find out the best universal gun cleaning kits that’ll keep all your guns in shape.

best universal gun cleaning kit

The Otis Elite

Few products offer as enticing a breech-to-muzzle cleaning experience as the Otis Elite, one of the most durable and universal cleaning kits on the market today. With a reasonable price, the Otis Elite is no small purchase, but is nonetheless a sound investment for hobbyists in search of a universal cleaning kit that will serve them for years to come. Equipped with a flexible and bag-like carrying case, the Otis Elite is the best option available for gunowners on the go who need to quickly make and break camp or hit the road.

Though it comes with a hefty price tag, the Otis Elite has specialized tools needed for virtually any occasion, including extensive optics care gear and memory-flex cables that are compatible with any other Otis gear you decide to pick up. Made in the USA, the Otis Elite’s lightweight case makes is less desirable as a home cleaning kit but an essential carrying kit that can endure bitter conditions without deteriorating overnight.  

Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

For enthusiasts looking for a more solid-cased universal gun cleaning kit option, the offering put forward by Marksman Precision is second to none. Coming in at a reasonable price, Marksman Precision equipped with case with all the necessary components for any standard pistol, rifle, or shotgun without making its portable hard plastic case unwieldy or too hefty to lug about. With an entire shipping weight of a mere 3.3 pounds, this kit is nonetheless replete with an incredibly durable outer case that will help hobbyists keep their new tools organized and protected at the same time.

Equipped with instructions and images blown up to be easily readable, this sleek kit doesn’t look out of place whether you’re at a range, on a field, or in your home. Professional retail packaging makes it excellent for gifting, but this product is predominately sought after by experienced hobbyists who are explicitly looking for its high quality solid brass jags and brass slotted tips, notorious in other brands for being shoddy. Coming equipped with a nifty LED bore light that’s cleverly magnetic and easy to handle, this kit is truly universal and won’t disappoint gun owners with a wide arsenal in need of servicing.

IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Coming in at a much more affordable price, IUNIO’s universal gun cleaning kit carries the right tools for the job regardless of whether the user is a hunter, member of law enforcement, or merely a hobbyist looking for an exciting day out on the range. Coming in a robust, solid case to resist heavy wear and tear, IUNIO’s option is very easily portable and the lightest of all options. What’s more, IUNIO’s 100% lifetime guarantee ensures that any enthusiast who picks up this universal kit will assuredly be getting their money’s worth.

Specially equipped to deal with a ride range of firearms including even black powder guns, IUNIO’s cleaning kit is truly universal in a way that many others simply aren’t. Tough buckle locks ensure that your equipment isn’t going anywhere without your permission, and the well-organized nature of its case makes finding the right component a breeze even for newcomers. Firearms, air guns, and muzzle loaders are all accommodated for in this kit that also includes a useful cleaning map which can be easily rolled up when on the move. Jags and slotted tips are made out of a flexible nylon that won’t quit, and the arsenal of brushers it comes equipped with are prepared to tackle softer metals or wood surfaces alongside of harsher ones.

Drip-proof oil bottles come empty, in a diversion from the industry norm, but this kit’s handy case and lifetime warranty guarantee that it’s a sound universal purchase for beginners and pros alike.

Stay Jam-Free With These Gun Cleaning Kits

Whether you’re a member of law enforcement, hunter, or just a plain gun lover, you’ll find all the tools you need in these easy-to-carry gun cleaning kits. Built to withstand the elements, you won’t have to worry about your supplies shifting in the trunk of your car. Never have to deal with an embarrassing jam again, and invest in one of these gun cleaning kits.