The 5 Best Case Trimmers for Reloading

To make some great reloads, you need to do some great case prep and a case trimmer is essential for the task at hand. Along with a good reloading press, a good case trimmer will help you make magic happen with your loads.

best case trimmer

In this article, we found the best case trimmers for anyone who does their own handloads and reloading.

Check out which case trimmers our experts chose as the best below:

Hornady 50140 Camlock Case Trimmer

If you have Hornady gear, a Hornady trimmer makes perfect sense. This trimmer, like other base components, can be mounted directly to the reloading bench or pressed against it with your free hand while cutting. The box includes the cam-lock case trimmer, product manual, and pilots for .22, 6mm, 270, 7mm, .38, and 45. Works with standard Hornady shell holders and pilots, and utilizes a micro-adjustable cutting head.

Bright red to blend in with the other Hornady gear on your desk, no reloading kit is truly complete without a solid, mounted, case trimmer.

Lyman Universal Trimmer with 9 Pilot Multi-Pack

This trimmer replaces your old Lyman (or any other brand of trimmer) with a large universal chuckhead that will hold cases from .17 to .458 caliber without needing a shell-holder. And it holds them sturdier than the shell-holders do. The kit includes 9 of the most popular pilots which will fit most cases, from 22 to 45. It also attaches very easily to a powered attachment if you don’t like trimming cases by hand, and if you are a Lyman person, of course it will match the rest of your setup, which is always a good thing. This is one of the best case trimmers out there for the money.

RCBS Trim Pro-2 Case Trimmer Kit with Spring Loaded Shell Holder

I’m a Rock Chucker fan myself, so the RCBS green is my preferred color on my work bench. Add the black accents, the spring-loaded universal shell holder with the oversize locking handle, and the extra included trim tools and accessories, this case will look terrific on any “green” reloading bench. Works with standard pilots, though most people won’t need more than what is provided. And of course it’s built with all the durability of most RCBS products, so you don’t need to worry about it not being sturdy.

For under $100, this is a great case trimmer that is going to last you forever.

Lee Precision Zip Trim Case Trimmer

Instead of rotating the trimmer head, try rotating the case. This not only allows for faster trimming, but also makes chamfering and deburring a snap, all without removing the case from the trimmer, eliminating operations that normally occur in separate steps. You can even polish it up right there on the rotating trimmer.

This isn’t an electric device, and many will expect it to be motorized, but it actually has a pull cord, and really needs to be mounted to work well. It takes a little getting used to, but with some practice you will have no problem trimming and shaping your cases with it. If you need something you can temporarily use on the kitchen table, or anywhere other than a dedicated reloading station, then you might want to consider another option. For the price you’re paying, it’s a very reliable case trimmer that flat out works.

Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

As reloaders, we are used to seeing all, or at least most, of our reloading equipment come from one of four brands, and each of them branded in it’s own color scheme.

This is a little different, being offered by Frankford Arsenal. This automated trimming system not only makes trimming, chamfering, and deburring lighter on your cranking muscles, but there’s no need for shell holders on your rifle cases, as the shoulder of the casing can be used as a guide.

The machine does come with everything you need to cut down and finish your brass for reloading, as long as the brass in question is shouldered. This system really isn’t designed for pistol rounds. It’s still a very good value for your money though.